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Putin Warns Obama, Media Ignores It. You might want to listen.


He does not directly threaten the US, but in light of the acknowledged flight of nuclear armed jets over Guam just before the State of the Union address, this warning seems deadly serious to me. If anyone finds fault with the translation, let me know. I do not speak any Russian at all.

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Russia and China have corporatism similar to EU and USA. There is no good guy vs bad guy. Free-market capitalism does not exist today. USA military power assures that dollar is accepted as gold so our elderly can buy a second pair of shoes. If today USA compete on equal footing, it will lose to China. Russia is on float only due its vast natural resourses. Otherwise, it would be constantly under starvation since they cannot work hard and be sober as Chinese.

Thanks god for nuclear arms, otherwise rise of China would be a real threat to everybody else. With nukes, normal co-existence of unequal countries is possible.

Show of Power? or Overcompensating for Something...?

This just in: Putin warns he is about to become UNIMPORTANT and MEANINGLESS in the world.

What a little Napoleon complex. I remember displays of unity and power like this - it was 1942 German Propaganda.

Where are the Russian versions of US???

No more RT. You support the Russian Establishment that way.

It would be awesome to lock onto the Russian Liberty Movement.


Russia is spending considerable resources on aircraft and the military in general till 2020. It would be interesting to note if the majority of this is offensive or defensive.


Ambassador McFaul:

"Yes, America used to fund opposition movements but it was under a different administration; we no longer do that under the Obama administration."

HA HA HA HA, Good one ambassador!!

Political Simulation

I used to play this online text based game called cybernations. There were alliances and rulers and tons of politics and discussions taking place all the time over IRC. Frequently this excuse or reason is offered to quazi-enemies when a new administration is put in and it was almost never true.

the difference today

is that we have the internet, before it was really hard to determine if the germans really just hated everyone and were sick and twisted for killing so many people, including germans.

today they could say the same about America's armies in other lands. However, the internet gives us hope. I understand that it is a few insane leaders that cause these problems, if Russia had started a war, under self-defense or not, i still understand the citizens of Russia are still the same people who wish to live in peace, as do I here in America.

Sure we might seem racist now and then at each other, but i don't blame some farmer in Russia because his son wants to join the Russian army and serve his country.

Like those people who sent videos from Israel to Iran and Iran sending videos to Israel saying "we love you and respect you, no matter what our governments do".

The internet will change the way nations interact in the future, just watch. We have the ability for world peace for the first time ever, only because of the speed of communications today.

This also means those who desire control of nations will fight harder not to lose it, prepare for battle friends.

"It depends on what the

"It depends on what the meaning of the word is is"

I don't know Russian, so

I don't know Russian, so can't verify what is being said, however, the problem I have with this video is everything is taken out of context. Whomever made this is showing only bits and pieces of different speeches and weaving a narrative of their own in between. We have no idea what the context of these speeches were or what conclusions were drawn as a result of them. It's like listening to someone talking about guns who denigrates them because they kill people, but leaving out the end where they say that its the right of the people to own those guns and be punished accordingly for their actions with them. Picking bits and pieces of several speeches to create a narrative presents a false picture.

Blessings )o(

Or, they are trying to connect dots for you

Maybe they do not belong connected, but if that is their goal, it is hard to begrudge them using clips from different events to make a point.
The speech was in late January, the fly-over at Guam was WHILE Obama made his State of the Union address.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Part of the show

That is just another part of the show, and I'm not going to watch anymore, I took the red pill. The show is run by the bankers beginning with the Rothschilds who got their start in the 1700s from the King of England.

Obama, Putin, are just 3rd tier puppets in the show... it is just a show! Please educate yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h_V-ARe_nE

The Puppet Master stays hidden

It is easiest to discern the plot by observing the show. Not watching it, detached observation.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.



I hate being 'connected' to this evil empire (America)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--