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VIDEO: Did the Russians hit the meteor with a missile?

Here is an interesting piece of dashcam video. Some people are claiming everything from the Ruskies hitting the meteor with air defenses to break it up, to UFO's, and even accusations of US weapons tests..Gotta love the interwebs.


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There is no way

they are shooting something down traveling more than 40,000mph. And know way that they can catch 40,000mph from behind.

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I'm one of those folks that believes the MIC has technology that is more advanced than what we have. I tend to think we get the scraps.

Have you ever seen this video? It is supposed to be from either the shuttle or the space station.

And I hate to bring up rense again but they are quoting the India Times.
http://rense.com/general69/tiddosdzdd27makes.htm It's about one of Russia's fastest missiles. It may not have had to catch up with it, but merely intercept its trajectory.

I have been through a meteor event almost identical to this. It was so close it turned the night into blinding white light. We immediately stopped and jumped out of my friend's truck in time to see the giant smoke trail coming off of it. We never heard or felt any kind of sonic boom. I remember it like it was yesterday, and it was 27 years ago.

So what do you think is happening in the video I posted?

That is interesting footage

but if that is not really flaming meteor pieces, please correct the title. And if that is them shooting down a meteor, I guess I am glad they can do it...

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The first video has nothing to do with the meteor...

It's a famous natural gas-filled depression that is routinely visited by tourists. See link.


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Rense.com...I should have used more discernment when looking at this. I had a gut feeling the terrain didn't look anything like what I saw in previous photos. Thanks for the correction.

What should I re-title it as? "Big flaming ass hole?" I think I'll just can the first vid, and ask about the 2nd as I am more curious about that.

It's a common mistake...

...as I've seen that fiery depression used all over the web and it is frequently misidentified. I'm a geologist and have been familiar with that site for at least 10 years and that's why I recognized it so quickly.

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I really don't know if it

I really don't know if it would even be possible for human technology to shoot an asteroid at the speed it's travelling.

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I don't know, either.

But something in the second video looked like it flew through the air and hit it. I know we have heat seeking projectiles and I know we have particle beams but I am no scientist. Something flew from behind or to the side in that second video, the way I see it, and would explain why the Russians think something is weird about it.

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