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The Symbol of Guns


This, my friends, is a gun. Most see it as a simple tool for killing. But I assure you, it is much more than that. A gun is a symbol of freedom. Of knowledge and of defense. But most importantly, it is a symbol of power.

A man who wishes only to defend himself won't even let you know he owns one of these. An educated man will never think to point this at a fellow human being without serious consequences. A free man would never give up his precious ability to defend himself.

But a man who intends to use it for power will make sure you know, at all times, that he owns and is trained in one. He will try to strong arm you by reminding you of exactly what that weapon is capable of. Constantly presenting the case for why they are dangerous.

It is always hard to gauge a man's intentions. But I assure you, there is one key factor into knowing what someone intends on using these weapons for. If they present to you how dangerous they are, they are trying to intimidate you. If they present to you how they can make you safer, they are trying to educate you.

Don't confuse the two.