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Impressive! Free Energy Tesla Coil Kickstarter Project Now At 5x It's Target - Free Energy For the People By The People!

I could summarize but you really have to see this for yourself.

Video here:


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has there been any

research as the the effects on the human brain being exposed to this amount of electromagnetic energy for long periods of time? Say you had a coil in your home or neighborhood large enough to provide energy for your whole house, are you screwing with the electrical currents in your own brain? Some people think the charge off of high tension wires causes cancer and other ailments and last time I checked it isn't strong enough to power a light bulb. Just something to think about...

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That's a great question.

That's a great question. Since not too many people actually know about this technology, I would think the testing on this subject has been suppressed along with the idea itself.

What about somebody trying to open up a small school for this type of thing? If enough people knew about it then they couldn't stop you, can they?

Pipe Dream

#skepticism #naysayerism #cynicism


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Free space, free time, free maintenance, free components...

nuthin's free.

Cheaper, yes. I'm all for that.

Used to run around in a diesel truck that burned 'free' cooking oil as fuel.

-free after buying filters
-free after investing time to collect the oil
-free after devoting space in the garage to store the oil and filtering equipment
-free after buying viton hoses that wouldn't break down like natural rubber would have
-free after doing hours of research and adding my own experiences to www.biodiesel.infopop.cc

Free? Not exactly. Cheaper? Possibly - all things considered.

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I think that many people...

I think that many people have a mistaken understanding of what free energy is. The energy itself is free but as you said the equipment and research is not. Gravity and solar energy are common types of free energy but to put them into use will cost time, money and have limitations. Only the greatly misinformed or delusional believe you get something for nothing and to use free energy is obtained without a price.


Thanks for posting this...

I kept forgetting to research Tesla.. off to the googles and internets!

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'Free energy' is very bad name for those devices

I have been researching different 'free energy' devices for years, and I must say that the name 'free energy' has created more problems it should... When people hear 'free energy', they think that someone has managed to create energy from nothing - and that is impossible, it always was and it always will be impossible. What 'free energy' means is just that you got the energy for free - you didn't have to pay for it - and it doesn't mean that you created the energy.

What all those 'free energy' devices do, they use different approaches to harvest environmental energy - like quantum energy, environment heat or something similar. THEY DO NOT CREATE ENERGY, they function more like a windmill or a hydro-plant by collecting energy which is all around us, and that's all what it is to them.

And yes, there are more than just a few devices which can be used in home to get energy for free (free as in you don't have to pay to get it). Unfortunately, not a single device has reached consumers on a massive scale... Somehow every time someone tries to get commercial 'free energy' devices, their companies disappear over the night, or inventors die suddenly of suspicious death.

Lately there has been lot of hope for open source free energy devices, and now with projects like this on Kickstarter I really start to see bright future for those projects... Technology already exists (and it existed for at lest the last 80 years), it just has to get to public properly.

If anyone is interested for more materials, I would recommend the whole series of lectures and instructions from Tom Bearden, it is called "Energy from the vacuum" and so far it has 31 videos on different devices and/or methods. There are actually tons of material out there, from different researchers/inventors, only really hard part is selecting amongst them (as there is lot of garbage and scams out there which are also promoted as 'free energy').

Suspicious deaths, companies disappearing

I know this is all true, but could you name some examples for me?

It's impossible under the

It's impossible under the narrow laws that we've observed with our flawed senses. Energy can likely come from nothing.

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There are many...

There are many types of energy that we can not sense with our "flawed senses". For example magnetism, gravity, electromagnetic radiation, nuclear radiation these all require some form of device to show their energy field. But it does not mean that they do not exist. Saying something is impossible is a self fulfilling prophecy. How many people 50 years ago would have said that it is impossible to have a tiny wireless phone that you could carry around in your pocket? All inventions that were said to be impossible at the time were invented by a special few that said "Watch me". Nothing was ever invented by the nay sayers and the ones that said "It's impossible and will never happen" The nay sayers live their lives using the inventions that were invented by the people that were told "It's impossible". It is a good thing that we don't listen to those people because we would still be living in caves.


My point was that the science

My point was that the science dogma claims energy from nothing is impossible. My statement never claimed that anything was impossible. If you think it's possible to fly like a Kryptonian, jump off a building. There are actual impossibilities. It's impossible for 1 plus 2 to equal 4. If you think there is no such thing as the impossible then you live in a universe without a creator who has set laws of what we as humans can achieve. These are the laws of physics. We will never be bullet-proof, be able to fly, or run faster than sound. Free energy is possible, it's just labeled as impossible to keep us under energy monopoly.

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This argument is a little tiresome

It is not being metered by anyone, no one is charging me for it. It is "free" in that sense, and that is free enough for me.
No one thinks they are "making" energy, these people know they are tapping into some energy source.

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Are you referring to

Are you referring to batteries?

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I am referring to innovative energy devices.

I ran my car on HHO for a while. Got a huge improvement in mileage. I still get told on a regular basis that is does not work.
I see videos of people tapping into what is often called "zero point energy" and they get derided for calling it "free energy" by people who refuse to look at concepts, they prefer to argue semantics. These people do not claim they are God, Creating Energy. They claim they have tapped into an unused power source.
Ever seen the MYT Engine?
The guy is giving his design away, he just wants the world to have it. No one will manufacture it, and the masses do not even know enough to be pissed off. They blindly bleat "there is no such thing as free energy" and go pay whatever the gas station or power company decides to charge them today.

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free electric

Remember back a couple of years ago on CBS 60 Minutes program about the Bloom Box. A small box that was going to supply the world with cheap energy, you do not hear anymore about it, as apparently did not work as describe Safe to say a lot of investors lost their butts on this new invention.


Check out...

Check out http://www.bloomenergy.com/ Bloomenergy seems to be a very large company that appears to be up and running and doing well. The minor customers include Ebay, Bank of America, Walmart, Adobe, Caltech, Firemans fund, JMB, Washington gas, AT & T, Staples, Coca Cola , Google, Safeway, FEDEX, Kaiser Permanente, Owens Corning and a little government agency called NASA. So I guess this new invention is just another conspiracy theory and a scam that the well enlightened like you can poke fun at, or not.


The Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy means...

...anyone, anyone, Bueller?

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it means you were lied to

Soooo hard to believe, that your "learning" institute that taught the "laws" (BS) of Physics is funded by the same companies who stand to lose everything if we found out the truth. Drop your pride and pull your head out of your ass. Stop being such a naysayer. Tesla proved this stuff to be true, that the law of conservation was BS, then Tesla was ruined by the very same people who run the central banks (JP Morgan anyone?) So damn gullible, and prideful, it will be our downfall.

There's no such thing as a free lunch

Think back to middle school science class. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only changed.

This circuit is like a transformer. It changes amps to volts and back again. I'm an electronics n00b but these types of circuits are pretty common. It's neat because it's a Tesla device though.

have you proven this?

Have you done the research, exhaustively, to prove that the shit they programmed you to believe in school is true? You just take it in and believe it all? How the hell do you think a large % of lightning bolts in a T-storm go from the ground to the cloud? Where does that electricity come from? It did NOT come from the cloud. Where does the extreme energy in a magnet come from? Stop believing everything you hear.



edit: maybe you'll learn some math and believe me. math can't lie. (unless it's stats) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maxwell's_equations

of course

no answer to the examples I gave... just "math does not lie". OK...

If you learn maxwell's

If you learn maxwell's equations, you'll have the answer. It is the answer.

"Maxwell's equations describe how electric and magnetic fields are generated and altered by each other and by charges and currents. "


Is a relative term with energy because what if there was a source of energy that we have not discovered how to use yet that there was so much of that it would be "infinite" to humans.

That would be pretty cool.

That would be pretty cool. That's what if.

Then please explain the fulcrum, or hand powered winch to me ?

Because we all know that 100 lb of force can lift 1000 lb through mechanical advantage.

so what if you can do the same thing with electronics or other forms of energy?

I know what the second law of thermodynamics says....Open your mind.


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Its actually the first

Its actually the first law.... entropy is the second.

The amount of work applied

The amount of work applied balances it out. To lift 1,000 lbs one foot with a 1:10 block and tackle you would need to apply more than 100 lbs of force and pull the rope 10 feet. I said more than 100 lbs because there are mechanical losses...friction.

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OK, last one

That law of conservation is bullshit! Who taught you to believe it? The same a-holes that have you enslaved to their power companies, the ones that the dunce, Edison the sell-out, sold Tesla down the river for. You have been lied to, about almost everything. The sooner we start teaching ourselves and stop relying on the corporate-interest backed centers for "learning", the sooner we will actually be free. Until then, we stay enslaved.

Everything that exists also

Everything that exists also existed in the singularity before the big bang. It's just changed now.

Seriously... if this is how you guys are with knowns like physics, it's no wonder you'll fall for anything Alex Jones says in the realm of the unknown.