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Impressive! Free Energy Tesla Coil Kickstarter Project Now At 5x It's Target - Free Energy For the People By The People!

I could summarize but you really have to see this for yourself.

Video here:


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Actually there is substantial

Actually there is substantial energy stored in a magnetic field. But you can only get it out by disrupting whatever is creating the field to make the field go away.

That's where the "inductive kick" comes from. Transformers work by using electrical energy to create this magnetic field with one coil, then taking some-to-most of it out with another. The amount of energy in the magnetic field within the transformer core, at its peak mid-cycle, is at least the amount of energy transferred through the transformer in a half-cycle of the frequency in question.

You can also get an equivalent amount of energy by moving loops of conductor in a way that makes the mag field APPEAR to go away - but in that case the energy you get from the conductor comes from pushing on the conductor to move it, not from the magnetic field, which is really still there.

The Earth's field is low intensity but very large. I haven't run the numbers, but (if you COULD), I doubt collapsing it would release enough energy to run the power grid for a time measured in seconds. Then you'd be waiting for a few hundred years for the Geophysical Dynamo to build it up again. Meanwhile you'd lose the Van Allen belts and the Earthy's magnetic shield against charged particle bombardment.

Meanwhile, you don't get to collapse a magnetic field like the Earth's by sticking an apparatus in it. You'd have to disrupt the generation of the field by the convection of underground lava. That might take a bit of energy to dig up the planet. B-)

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Same thing, reversed

In the case I mentioned, a current is induced by moving a wire. In a transformer, it's the same process, but reversed. You move a magnetic field by inducing an alternating current in a wire. That field moves about another wire, inducing a current at a different voltage.

Yes, energy is stored, in the same sense that energy is "stored" when one places a heavy object on a high shelf. But there is nothing "magnetic" about the stored energy. Energy is energy. The energy associated with magnetism comes from the spin of electrons. I am sure you know all of this.

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I read through the description

He powers the tesla coil from an external power source, wall socket, battery, etc. I don't see anywhere where it says that it can pull power from earths magnetic energy.

Those light bulbs arent

Those light bulbs arent battery operated are they? If I go to the store and buy a bulb it should work?

No, the light bulbs aren't

No, the light bulbs aren't battery operated. If you have a high enough electrical field it will power a fluorescent bulb. But I'm sure if you measure the house current going into the tesla coil you will find that he is using far more power than if he had simply plugged the bulb directly into the wall.

I really don't understand why people are getting so excited about some basic physics that has long been known, but is more useful for party tricks than for transmitting large amounts of power over long distances.

Holy macaroli!

Just glanced at the page, came back to bump. Will comment after I delve in - but WOW! Just at first glance!

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This is the head

of the snake. If we can cut it off, we'll finally have the elite's full attention.

Anyone heard anything on Keshe's project yet?

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Tesla coils, gotta bump that