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Impressive! Free Energy Tesla Coil Kickstarter Project Now At 5x It's Target - Free Energy For the People By The People!

I could summarize but you really have to see this for yourself.

Video here:


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What's the big deal.

Fluorescent lights have been used to indicate damaged shielding on microwaves ovens for several decades decades.

Then there was the guy who discovered a warm place to sit and drink his beer on the roof by a microwave dish.

When he was found, he was well done. RIP.

Free includes debt-free!

*too bad* it seems to be disruptive to

electronic devices.

You'd just hate for it to interfere with RFID tags,
surveillance cameras, public servant comm's and such.
(especially of those helpful public servants that tend
to show up unexpectedly in black body armor kicking
in your door..)

Wrong meaning of "free"

The nay sayers; "nothing comes free"
That's not what the OP means. It's free energy, as in, it's not confined to cables and wires. The energy is freely flowing within the field.

The project is pretty fascinating indeed!

Keep your wireless energy off me!

Anyone else not want another source of electricity/energy waves running through their body? (cell phones, wifi, etc.)

~ Peace Love Revolution ~

The frequencies these things

The frequencies these things run at aren't going to resonate with your body.

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Comments & Ratings disabled by user

I was going to subscribe to teslatronix channel til I noticed Comments & Ratings disabled by user. This is a big Red Flag for me, this is a common ploy used by scammers.

Home they do well if legit, but I can't be bothered by YouTubers that block Comments & Ratings.

he seems legit

He explained why he disabled the comments on his website-

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Hope This Kid

isn't disappeared!


Nope! No FE here...

Unless there is something more to this device it is definitely not a Free Energy device. It's a simple induction device. No new science here either. It is however a cool toy and may even have some good uses.

No such thing

as "free energy." Seriously. Energy is a commodity like anything else. "Free energy" implies an unlimited source of energy that requires next to no maintainence. Wireless transmission is not free, it's just neat.

I would call..

I would call solar energy "Free Energy" that is an unlimited source of energy that requires not only next to no maintenance but even better it requires no maintenance at all. How about gravity? I would put it in the same category. The energy is "Free", it is the engineering and application that cost. Using water converted in to hydrogen and oxygen as an energy source is another almost "Free" energy source that the cost is in the engineering and not the "Free energy" source.


I disagree, free energy

I disagree, free energy exists and has been proven by multiple inventors multiple times. The problem is they've all been raided/kidnapped/killed by the government

There's no evidence of any

There's no evidence of any free energy machine working and no evidence anyone was killed by the government over such research.

Science is science. If a design worked, it'd easily be replicated by a University or company and no one could stop them.

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Watch the documentary called

Watch the documentary called "Thrive", you don't have to watch it in its entirety but skip to the free energy part. The energy is generated from a magnetic field flowing in a torus.

I'm speculating as to being kidnapped/killed by government, just making an educated guess as to who did it.

But they HAVE been either killed, had their laboratory burned, or had their inventions confiscated by the FBI. That is fact. The technology is possible but is being suppressed for some reason.

Thrive is a great movie for motivation but not

for energy. They are completely suckered into the scams of free energy.

Yeah, no. Sorry.

Look up the first law of thermodynamics. The government has to pay its energy bills too.

Watch the documentary called

Watch the documentary called "Thrive", you don't have to watch it in its entirety but skip to the free energy part. The energy is generated from a magnetic field flowing in a torus.

Complete and utter nonsense.

I don't need to post more.


on which part. Which part is nonsense? I'll check back here for your answer but I have a hunch you have nothing to add.

Lima-1, out.

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This is awesome

I just pledged $50, which means I'll be getting a kit to set up my own tesla coil :)

And it's not free energy, just wireless energy, still cool though

Topic change pls

This is not, I repeat, !!!_NOT_!!! free engery.... He's not even pitching it as free energy! You people (some of you anyway) are deceiving yourselves!

This is wireless power transmission. Via induction. It's legit.

But it's not free energy. Nor is it more effecient than wired energy.

Sources: I'm a physics grad and have a science crush on Tesla.

Free energy?

You know that this isn't supposed to be free energy, right?
In fact, it's definitely less efficient than just lighting your house with traditional wired lights.

But hell, if you made this thing into a Christmas tree, you could just hang lights on it individually instead of dealing with those tangled strings... so it's definitely not worthless!


Someone who knows what they're talking about.


The title should be changed since it's not "Free Energy".

This device is very cool but it's not technically a Tesla Coil right? It's a Slayer Exciter-

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Speaking of supressed Technologies

Ive been driving my water powered car for 18mnts(Hydrogen gas)Stanly Meyer water powered car..you tube...Tptb have deleted how he was murdered by the pentagon and the many vids that people shared on updates for thier cars and Trucks.Dont buy the hydrogen fuel kits and dont tell any one but your most trusted friends...


Bazza Mac!

Can you share the details? Offline or online? I've been on the hunt for a water powered car. What have your results been the last 18 months? Love to hear your story, and if you have a link, please share.

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any pointers?

We ran a car on HHO for a few months, got 25% improved mileage. I'd love to try Stan's method, have never been able to find instructions.

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lots of good info not just biodiesel but other alt energy...

here: www.biodiesel.infopop.cc

real hardcore no time for bs people on this forum - it's where I cut my internet teeth :)

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.


Are you serious?

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

well if its on the internetz

it MUST be true! herp derpy derp

His name is Edward Snowden

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