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9/11 truth phone argument, with a typical duped GOP loyalist...

It's party above all else; it's "we love Rand Paul too....just drop the 9/11 truth crap....you guys are morons!"

This is what disinformation produces...this is 10 years of Alex.Jones making himself into the face of 9/11 truth, and, 10 years of right-wing talk radio calling us kooks....thereby, supposedly hurting our own candidate by "association".

The perfect storm has been master-minded by Karl Rove, to destroy Rand Paul's chances of ever being in a position of dismantling the "matrix" of enslavement that has been thrust upon the people since(and for decades before) 9/11.

The neo-cons, conservative talk radio, Christian talk radio, pro-family, pro-Israel K-street lobbyists...the FRAUD Glen Beck....they all love Rand Paul....they want him to run for the White House in 2016!!!

One problem; 9/11 truthers, who follow Alex Jones, they like Rand too....well, they can't stand us, nor can they stand WITH us in this battle royale to "restore the Republic"!

Last night, I spend over an hour on the phone with my friend of over 25 years(who can't stand me being a Ron Paul supporter), giving him every chance he he could to just show me where we're wrong, we don't know what we're looking at, and WHY people like us, and our candidates don't belong in public office, let alone HIS Republican Party.

Psycho-analyze his desperation, and lack of ANY cogent arguments, that prove they're for truth, accountability, fiscal responsibility, transparency, liberty or the rule of law; as all they have is hatred and disgust towards those of us who have had it with the perpetuation of lies and the exponential increase in the size, scope, and spending BY establishment Republicans...and why we're NOT going to quit, back down, or go away(no matter how much they profess to love Ron Paul's son and conservative principles) without looking at the tyranny that has come from post-9/11 politics.


Keep getting after them....9/11 was our Boston Massacre! Obamacare is our Stamp Act! If this guys' ilk, drinking right-wing kool-aid, can't discern truth from a lie; and realize the lesser of two evils is still evil, insomuch as...despite them wearing Rand Paul on the outside, they'll NEVER allow him to destroy the inside from the Executive Branch...how are ANY of these evidence-ignoring, evidence-denying, legislative hypocrites even remotely fit
or qualified to LEAD a political party towards a recovery or restoration?

They're NOT going to purge us, we're going to purge them...for our posterity's sake!

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Mr bengal

Is a paid troll who probably does not even live in this country. He is a fool in some kind of shock arguing that he had been run over by a train when he clearly has been pierced by an arrow. I know this is an emotional subject, I wish people weren't so damn easily fooled.

And you are hands down the

And you are hands down the biggest idiot I have encountered on the Daily Paul bar none. You bring NOTHING to a debate but the dumbest claims and insults. Your life is so pathetic that you dig up a thread that no one has commented on for over a week just to repeat your ignorant insults and claims. Sit there in your mom's basement eating your boogers and stfu.

you would know...

You dishonor yourself, and I feel compassion for your inability to see through government lies. I hope you picked the right team for yourself to something this time around. I know I did.

Whoever piloted the drones that day are motivated by guilt.

And then there are the guys that photoshopped the footage.

Then there is the Properties Firm that pulled the 3 buildings then committed insurance fraud.

Many have an interest in committing misdirection and deception.

Free includes debt-free!

I looked at the photos

And saw zero evidence of the Pentagon being nearby.

Well sorry but look through

Well sorry but look through the pics again, I have many links with many pictures that the Pentagon is clearly visible in. The very first picture I linked to in the comment you replied to has the Pentagon in the background, and the last pic clearly shows the Washington Blvd highway sign to identify it as the Pentagon lawn. Many others if you scroll through the pics on those links.

I don't know where any of the planes went , so I won't guess.

I can see with my own two eyes that whatever hit the pentagon had no wings and they did not come off from hitting light poles in which case they would be on the ground or easily tracked. Asserting that this is somehow sidetracking people from insisting on a 911 investigation is nonsense. If anything it refuels peoples energies on yet another level. Freefall was admitted by NIST . That means controlled demo on at least WTC 7. duh.I'm glad we agree on that. I'm done with you begging the question, however, Tiger. Did you watch the part where the star witness confesses at the end of the video?

What you accept as credible

What you accept as credible evidence and refute as "terrible" really demonstrates how easily you can be duped. I mean even saying "star witness confesses" (and yes I did watch it) like it's some kind of killer evidence, is completely ridiculous.
This is adults discussing serious issues here lad, maybe you should be done. You offer nothing in the way of argument anyway, I can certainly understand why you would want to avoid ALL of my questions and be done with this discussion.

I'm not paid to be here

I knew you would take a big "should" on me as a desperate attempt at submission. I win because I have love for myself and therefore others. I feel so sad reading the distraction techniques and the ironic accusal of avoiding questions. I have met you here before. I am talking to a robot on a computer who wants people to believe airplanes have no wings. Good night dear robot.

DE-programming the MASSES

...is what is needed, so continue with our "word of mouth" big-time, constantly, continuously, no matter what. Post, blog, give your opinions and state the facts.

Someday we will be validated. I do believe history will reveal the truth...someday.

Perhaps, Dr. Ron Paul will begin speaking about 9/11 finally, now that he has a lot of credibility, and now that he has nothing to lose. People would begin to stand up and listen finally. His and our enemies will hate this, but it may be the turning point for all of us. I hope he will do this. It's really our last hope.

I know my husband will support this effort. He is a Fortune 500 engineer who knows the truth about 9/11, along with many, many other professionals.

dr paul

Might be of more value kept away from such cannon fodder. There is other hope , but if timed right and there is no other future political considerations that trump it, GO FOR IT.

Wow this dude is incredible.

"You have no skin in the game?"

Excuse me?

I SO want to talk to this guy.

"You're looking at some guy's website."

This is the typical ignorance of these people. They think we're complete idiots who don't do our own research and then get all our facts from one crazy guy's website.

I say drop the 9/11 stuff too.

It doesn't solve anything.

I have watched the videos, heard the arguments....they leave me with no fewer doubts and questions as does the govt storyline.

Drop 9/11?

No thank you. The mass murder of 3000+ Americans that led to the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of other human beings around the world is not something we're going to just "drop".

In your defense, I know Ron Paul sort of "pushed 9/11 to the side" because he (I believe) he felt it would hurt our cause more than help it. I understand why he did it. We've got to teach people to walk before they can run. Once people legitimately start seeing issues, they'll fall down the 9/11 rabbit hole in due time.

I'm fine w/ not putting it on the front-burner when it comes to getting converts to the liberty movement. But I am not fine w/ ignoring it otherwise. 9/11 shows exactly how dangerous and evil government can be. After all, if the government was innocent then why would they want to prevent a new investigation?

sharkhearted's picture

Finding the truth on 9-11...won't "solve anything""????

It won't solve anything...except solve the murders of about 3,000 innocent Americans and first responders that day.

It won't solve anything...except solve the additional negligent homicides of about twice that number of our troops since that day, in two highly illegal and unnecessary wars.

It won't solve anything...except bring justice for all of those perished souls...and justice and healing to hundreds of thousands of family members of the victims of 9-11.

It won't solve anything...except open up an opportunity what should be the largest tribunal to try, convict, and sentence those responsible for the most massive cover-up in history, of the worst mass murder on American soil, ever.

No...investigating and finding the truth of the events of 9-11...won't solve anything.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.


Speaking the truth once again...I hate being on the other side of Chris...It happened once...Now I try to stay on his same side of the argument...shit...I think I even swayed him once...(although doubtful)...Imagine if 9/11 were solved...I believe if it had been solved, Dr. Paul would be President as we speak...

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!




Well put.


Let's just let these scumbag mass murdering psychopaths get away with murdering 3000 Americans in order to go commit mass genocide in Iraq an Afghanistan.

"Wrong Headed"?

your buddy is simply a fox news manipulated/brain-washed minion. Keep working on him if you have the stomach.


I thought you were going to go off on the "We have to drop 9-11 to WIN!" tangent.... thank you SO MUCH for sticking with truth. 9-11 is the justification for over a decade of brutal war - wars that have our sons and daughters killing themselves in greater number than "the enemy."
They are trying to cut TRUE libertarians from the liberty movement. DO NOT FALL FOR IT.
9-11 matters.
I have not listened to the conversation yet, but I know I have had MUCH more luck bring up 9-12. Disturbing the scene of an arson is a very serious crime, more serious if there are fatalities. We ALL watched the felonious destruction of the crime scene. It played out on national TV for weeks.
There is NO DENYING the government was involved in a crime on 9-12.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

9/11 truth, during the last two election cycles...

...was obviously not a good choice for a campaign issue...but, given that Rachel Maddow is going to expose the "waste", "ill effects" and false reasons for having gone into Iraq 10 years ago March 20th, perhaps we could capitalize on WHAT lies really sent us to war, what lies have set up this benevolent dictatorship that has Bush DOUBLING our nation's total accumulated debt of 5.5 trillion in just 8 years, and Obama having shot it up to 16.5 trillion after ONE TERM ...

See, the "TEA" in tea party is no longer "taxed enough already"....it's "Tyranny Exists Already"!!!!!

Time to get in the "personal space" of loyalist GOP people, Karl Rove lauding/obeying dummies who just want to work the tent at the county fair so they can be voted up to attendthe next Republican National Convention, and actually challenge their patriotism; show them the fruit of 9/11, expose right-wing talk pundits and Glen Beck for peddling
a lie 11 and a half years now, and get the Republicans to ADMIT they wanted Obama and they want the Empire and they want the Federal Reserve Notes as a "safety net" that subsidizes everything and they only care about themselves, their creature comforts, and NOT our posterity....and tell them..."yes, it DID happen here!!!" (it being, that which propels a Stalin, Hitler, Mao to power over a people).


Friday ... I got him to watch 40 minutes of "9/11-The Pentagon Attack" that is linked below!!!

Folks, as they were going through the eyewitness testimonies, they showed the Pentagon camera still frames.....that's when he said "that's it, that's the proof"....

I said the opening of the video said the government confiscated other videos and wont release them, why not? .... No answer .... I said "why do they give us still frames, not video that would show a silver plane in motion? Why only still frames?"

Guys, it doesn't matter, he refuses to believe that lay internet bloggers like us could know that there simply is no plane at the Pentagon...we're stupid, we're in the minority, we just like to pick fights, and we MUST find a conspiracy in everything.

At least we're still talking civil, and he knows I won't give up; I've got him a couple.of times to say "well, I do owe you an answer to that at least"....so....I am gaining rhetorical debate skills ;) and I will keep at it...now he has taken our contentious disagreement to another; a big open wheel Racing fan, who buys documentaries about Indy and Formula One crashes; so guess what I get to do? Tell another!

Thank you!

Giving up on the truth is giving up your soul.

I'm proud of you for handling yourself well and standing up.

as much as and I disagree...

...these occasional dust-up's are great for me....you can sense his hatred for the topic, but he keeps.coming back for more....OK, I'll play....

Each.American is accountable onv they realize they've swallowed the lie, and lacked the courage to refute it personally....that's what the endless printing of FRN's and the "love of money" buy....

Proverbs 16:25 There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death


It wasn't until about three years ago that I first saw any information whatsoever regarding the lies behind 911. It was when downloading Spiderman 2, the movie file was instead the movie called Loose Change. I did my research and am now 100% convinced.

It has been a struggle to convince those closest to me. Well, my GF, no problem...she was willing to view information and it was through seeing such information that she understands. My mother does not argue that there is something fishy about 911, but she is old, and has had a lifetime of brainwashing from media programming. She cannot put two and two together, voted for Obama, and just refuses to talk about politics.

My father in Alaska, lives in a very small town that doesn't get fast enough internet to watch videos online. He and his cohorts around town are hardcore muslim hating, bush loving Fox news viewers. With regards to spreading the truth to him, it has gone from the first time I suggested that 911 was an inside job, he yelled "That's traitorous!" and heard the phone smash as the call ended. Well, some three years later he's listening and agreeing on some level, but still at some point can't break through all the lies he's been sold and is still being sold by watching television. But there has been considerable process and seeds planted are blooming.

Your trying to...

explain colors to a blind person, there is no point.He wont let facts get in the way, he's completely delusional.

This guy has been specialized down to forgetting his duty as

a citizen... he is engaging in semantics without taking responsibility... you can't teach people who don't want to learn, the toughest lesson for truthers to hurdle

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

I seen this once here on DP

This is a great video that goes deep into the pentagon story, and actually gets alot of eye witness testimony. http://youtu.be/hVaGht6eHoQ

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!

and I was just going off...

Eric.Hufschmid's.Painful Deceptions, many visits to pilotsfor911truth, and a downloaded powerpoint presentation that came from the pilots website(I believe)....I've always been squeamish watching Alex.Jones bullhorn people and cops at ground zero, I always knew in my gut "this ain't helping!"

That's just my gut talking in this video...

I will nag him to watch this video, and report back...or...record again his angry refusal to entertain it...

What really gets him, is that I am showing this stuff to my sons; my.sons who walked with me in a St. Patrick's Day Parade 11 months ago, carrying a Ron Paul banner, in the town they're growing up in...why...because I don't know when the Lord will call me home!!!

These tyrants are tightening the screws on us....I can feel it....and we all need to remain as FIRED UP and indignant as ever before, everyday or our lives if we want to remain free!!!

This video(thank you, I've never seen it before), is WHY we must NEVER give up our guns!!!!