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9/11 truth phone argument, with a typical duped GOP loyalist...

It's party above all else; it's "we love Rand Paul too....just drop the 9/11 truth crap....you guys are morons!"

This is what disinformation produces...this is 10 years of Alex.Jones making himself into the face of 9/11 truth, and, 10 years of right-wing talk radio calling us kooks....thereby, supposedly hurting our own candidate by "association".

The perfect storm has been master-minded by Karl Rove, to destroy Rand Paul's chances of ever being in a position of dismantling the "matrix" of enslavement that has been thrust upon the people since(and for decades before) 9/11.

The neo-cons, conservative talk radio, Christian talk radio, pro-family, pro-Israel K-street lobbyists...the FRAUD Glen Beck....they all love Rand Paul....they want him to run for the White House in 2016!!!

One problem; 9/11 truthers, who follow Alex Jones, they like Rand too....well, they can't stand us, nor can they stand WITH us in this battle royale to "restore the Republic"!

Last night, I spend over an hour on the phone with my friend of over 25 years(who can't stand me being a Ron Paul supporter), giving him every chance he he could to just show me where we're wrong, we don't know what we're looking at, and WHY people like us, and our candidates don't belong in public office, let alone HIS Republican Party.

Psycho-analyze his desperation, and lack of ANY cogent arguments, that prove they're for truth, accountability, fiscal responsibility, transparency, liberty or the rule of law; as all they have is hatred and disgust towards those of us who have had it with the perpetuation of lies and the exponential increase in the size, scope, and spending BY establishment Republicans...and why we're NOT going to quit, back down, or go away(no matter how much they profess to love Ron Paul's son and conservative principles) without looking at the tyranny that has come from post-9/11 politics.


Keep getting after them....9/11 was our Boston Massacre! Obamacare is our Stamp Act! If this guys' ilk, drinking right-wing kool-aid, can't discern truth from a lie; and realize the lesser of two evils is still evil, insomuch as...despite them wearing Rand Paul on the outside, they'll NEVER allow him to destroy the inside from the Executive Branch...how are ANY of these evidence-ignoring, evidence-denying, legislative hypocrites even remotely fit
or qualified to LEAD a political party towards a recovery or restoration?

They're NOT going to purge us, we're going to purge them...for our posterity's sake!

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and I ....


mid-afternoon bump...

...just had another quick exchange with him; he was fawning all over Rand Paul(because his right-wing talk radio guys love Rand), but then he had to throw in that jab..."Rand isn't dumb enough to call for an investigation into 9/11"

I don't listen to right-wing talk radio...does anyone here?

I am suspecting that we are being baited into being "outed" as "truthers"(as Alex Jones is being given national attention at specific times), but why? Because we'll kick their a** on the fundamentals of the economy, the cost of the wars, the duration of the wars, the statist legislative records of their career guys, and the deliberate railroading of the ONLY Constitutionalist candidate in both the 2008 and 2012 elections?

Does anyone else feel like entertaining these bullies, and taking the fight to them?

Rather than play the "we love Rand" game, which will result in a scripted split in 2016 within the party; what should we do? I suggest we launch a "where's the plane campaign" and make them justify everything that has been done since 9/11 to bring us to this brink of an economic collapse, and then demand the evidence that refutes the architects, engineers, firefighters, and pilots FOR either control of the party, or, to drive a steak in the heart of the neo-conservative monster that has in the willful destruction of this nation.

We gotta take the gloves off, I too am but a Joe-six-pack; but I can't stand it any longer, and I don't need Alex Jones to either fight this battle for me, or, be the reason by association with the "truth movement" as to why I have no credibility.

This guy gets under my skin, but I get under his as well...this MUST be happening all over the country in my estimation....countrymen vs. countrymen...somethings brewing folks, that's why I decided to record our exchange.

Feedback? comments? Thoughts? Similar experiences?