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OMG! There IS An Honest State Senator and He's Speaking Out.

And he's starting out with a "trick question."


Trick Question: Ask yourself, "What are the Three Branches of Government?"

OK if you've said to yourself, "Self, what are the three branches of government, and self answered you" then click here to see if self was correct (Answer not from self).

A great video.


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Thanks for posting.

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Nathan Dahm

We worked hard on his campaign, put one down for the RP'ers

By the way our house and senate districts are both RP'ers , Mike Ritz and Nathan Dahm.

I like him!

Wish him success in Oklahoma. He's all business. Knows his stuff, and what d'ya know, sounds like a solid Christian to boot.

Perhaps we'll hear more of him on the national scene should he decide to run for U.S. Congress. But either way, we need people like him championing state nullification.

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He is

A state senator in the U.S.

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Nathan is doing a great job

Nathan is doing a great job here in Oklahoma! He has a Gun control nullification bill being heard in committee today, and this is just his 3rd week on the job!

Here's a link to the bill: http://webserver1.lsb.state.ok.us/cf_pdf/2013-14%20INT/SB/SB...

BRAVO!! Very good!

Let's hear more from Nathan dahm!

State Senator

But good stuff!

I am!

state senator

He's not a US senator, he's a state senator. Big difference.



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