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Following Christ: Day Four!

To Clarify this is Day Four, I started writing my original post while it was still Saturday, and it ended up being Sunday when I posted it. I spent approximately six hours writing it. So yes, it started out as "Today" but became "Yesterday" as time drew on.

For those of you who think I am attention seeking: I tell you that I am not and I ask you to believe me. I am trying to increase my 'belief' in God. I will continue to draw closer to the meaning of love as I study the words of my teacher Jesus Christ!

For those of you who righteously point out my misconceptions: please continue to do so, I beg of you! It will only build my faith and confidence in God!

My intention was only to ask you to join and "Rejoice!"--not in me, but with me, in my Father and His Son, my Lord Jesus Christ! For I finally believe he was the begotten Son of God! My savior!

I had only desired to share my recognition of this, and I did so with too many words! I was trying to make 'sense' of it, but the recognition that I have been disobeying my Father's law-which is love-does not make 'sense'! For if I truly believed in my Father, I would fear Him with all of my being, and I would follow His law, and breaking His law doesn't make 'sense'.

I have been under the misconception that I know what love is! I know some of what love is but I know so little! and some of which I have called love is not love!

But now I am going to study the words of my teacher Jesus Christ, for I believe he was the begotten Son of God, and he came to explain His Father's law to me, and for that I praise His name! He died for me! The Son of God was crucified so that my crimes against my Father's law could be forgiven? I am so unworthy, what a merciful God!

I will grow my faith in my Father now, I have always had some of it, but oh so very little, and now I have just a tiny bit more! I need to continue to cast out all of this doubt and put my FAITH in GOD. I have always believed, but to what degree?

What was the question the serpent first asked of Eve? "Did God really say...?" -- "Do you really believe he said..?" --- and she was convinced, because she had doubted God! I think that was her critical mistake, for if she had never doubted God, she would certainly have never ate the fruit, because He told her she would die.

Shame on me for doubting Him! How could I ever! I am now only trying to love my Father will all of me and to thank Him for creating me, and all the wonders around me! to praise His Son, and love each and everyone of my brothers as He loves me.

I know this commandment in my heart to be true, but I have been faltering because I have been selfish and disobedient to my Father! I had taken my Father out of the equation!

I know so little of love! I want to learn more because I see it is what my Father has commanded me to do! I do not expect that this will be easy, but it will become easier as my faith in my Father grows. I am trying to love you all, I believe it is possible, even my enemies!

I am a sheep and NOW Jesus is my shepherd. Yes, I will follow him!

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