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Electromagnetic Harvester Charges AA Battery by Soaking Up Ambient, Environmental Radiation

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Had a science teacher tell me once that he

wrapped copper wire around some poles and placed them near lines so that he could power his house. He never went into much detail other than to tell some of us standing by that he got into trouble over it.

Didn't believe this guy even though he surely had the credentials. Maybe he did do it.. perhaps if he had went into more of the "how". I might not have been as skeptical. :)

I also saw Mythbusters try something similar but in their classic failing ways.. they were obviously not thinking things through enough. So it did not produce anything worth noting.

I prefer steam myself. :)

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It is called "transformer action"

The magnetic field generated by an energized coiled wire will induce the flow of electricity another coiled wire placed in close proximity without producing a load (drawing power) from the first coiled wire. One of the big reasons why power companies insist on large right-of-ways for power lines and transformers is because they do not want people to extract free energy via transformer action. For comparison, AT&T used to lose money on pay phones because it cost them more money to collect the money than they received from the phones.