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Ben Swann Reality Check: Did Law Enforcement Intentionally Burn Chris Dorner Alive Waco Style?

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It will be interesting to see if there is any push back for

this breach of justice. If not, it sets a precedence that anyone can write a letter declaring someones motives and plans for vengeance and automatically get that person assassinated by the law, with no questions asked. Here's a telling thought for everyone to ponder. If this guy was genuinely planning revenge and targeted attacks, why would he publicize his plan?

Swann featured that "official quote"

saying we "didn't set the house on fire to drive him out". Ben asks if this is true.. I think it is. They set the fire to KILL him, NOT drive him out.

Ben didn't seem to catch that.

What did they NOT want this guy saying...

What did they not want Dorner saying that would have embarrassed the LAPD..... When guys like this say burn it down... there's a problem...

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Well, I say that...

...when they say they're going to burn it, they mean they're going to burn it.

Saying otherwise, is very confusing. I mean, IF those tear gas containers are at risk and liable to start a fire, then you'd not want to use a word that means to literally "burn". Rather you'd use a separate and distinct word like, "DEPLOY" but not "BURN" which means "to burn."

Anybody who defends these murderers (and make no mistake, this was a planned murder, and is standard operating procedure in situations where the police want to avoid the spotlight of a trial) would be like somebody who said the lease holder of WTC 7 saying that "to pull it" was not referring to the standard demolition term of "blow it up", but rather it meant something else.

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Had to transcribe, meme, and add a little twist....

...for your sharing pleasure! :)

"Regardless of whether Chris Dorner was guilty of every crime he was accused of or not, under our system of justice, police officers are not the judge, jury, and executioner. This isn't Judge Dredd....Burning alive someone accused of a crime cannot be simply justified because how terrible the accusation may be." - Ben Swann


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Hate to point it out

But isn't that the POUS job on Tuesday mornings who to kill with out a trial?
What now we have another set of kings beside the President.
Sheriff poss?


Just want what seems to be missing, Truth and Justice for ALL
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Journalism at

its finest. Thanks Ben for doing what the lamestream media refuses to....find the truth, tell it, and let the audience develop their own opinion.

Here's a good discussion

on CS and flash bang grenades. Seems both can start fires:


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