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CNN has moved on to their next gun grabbing story: Pistorius Shoots Girlfriend He Thinks was Robber

So maybe he didn't have his prosthetic legs on, maybe he kicked the bathroom door down, maybe he used a cricket bat. CNN is really doing great detective work already on this story.

As the story goes, Pistorius wakes up, hears a noise in his bathroom, and immediately thinks, burglar (while not checking to see if his girlfriend is with him). He was scared because he didn't have his prosthetic legs on, but somehow was able to make it to the bathroom with his gun (oh, a 9mm, what are the odds?), and shoot 4 times into the bathroom, hitting his girlfriend (who he thought was in bed) at least 3 times.

The police say he busted the door down and shot four times. The picture of the door with bullet holes in it would probably give a clue as to which story is more accurate, instead CNN gives us a sinister looking court DRAWING.

Is this looking like just another brainless attempt at propaganda? You have a 9mm, a mystery of whether or not the prosthetic leg was on or off, and a horrible story of thinking a burglar was locked in the bathroom.

Either this was outright murder, or a "mistake," gee I wonder which one CNN and the gun grabbers will focus on?

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Hadn't thought of it that way before.

It seems to strange that he thought it was an intruder BUT he is innocent until proven guilty.

That said, I hadn't thought how the news media could potentially twist this.

The intention of CNN's,

The intention of CNN's, "story," is to demonize anyone defending themselves against a home intruder.

Wealthy citizens of South Africa are often targeted for their money. They live in gated communities because crime is rampant. They live in fear of being mugged, kidnapped, or burglarized....especially famous people.

Nobody knows what happened, but the media sure is doing their best to make it seem like he murdered his girlfriend before anyone knows a damned thing besides gossip.

Facts don't matter anymore, the media has an agenda to push.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

This dude doesn't have a leg to stand on.

He's going to the big house.


CNN's propaganda is transparent

The other articles right below this Pistorius story is "man rapes woman he met on dating site" to go along with "Pistorius kills girlfriend story", and "gunman kills 3, himself in California" anything to take the focus off the LAPDog. Oh, and an article about having 'courage' to deal with cyber war. Communist News Network at its finest. Could they get any more transparent?