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Obama Chooses Propaganda Portals In Lieu Of Media Access

President Obama crowed on a Google+ chat from the White House last week that “This is the most transparent administration in history.” The White House’s definition of “transparency” has apparently changed drastically over the past couple years, going from the traditional see-through, ‘nothing to hide here,’ which we all took it to mean and instead turning into a one-way street of information propagated through cream-puff interviews and social media. North Korea media policy, here we come.

This evolution has been apparent during Obama’s tenure, but has reached a fever pitch among the Mainstream Media – yes, the same MSM who are always so eager to lap up the President’s spin, and who are comprised of ever-increasing ranks of the President’s ex-cronies. Media outlets’ press corps stationed in DC have been shut out on an increasing basis, or scooped by the White House selectively leaking information to stanch “Obama can do no wrong” reporters, or bypassing the media completely and just posting news onto social media. Politico has an interesting article up, which discusses the tactics the White House has taken on, and how it has stymied the dialogue between President and media, and also to a great extent has excused Obama from addressing tough questions or issues that he wants to ignore. Read more

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What about

What about propaganda port-a-potties? Then I can at least do something useful whilst being brainwashed.

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Chicago politics.


Now legal under the 2013 NDAA!


Listen to Lions of Liberty on Daily Paul Radio every Friday at 7pm EST!


Was also ratified and the news broke at 6pm on a Friday I believe. Don't quote me on that though.