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Obama eligibility - URGENT

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The "Clerks" Scuttled it...

Apparently there were some unusual deviations from procedure???


And Replace him with

Who? VP? psh he would do the same thing.


if they had the guts to Impeach a treasonous president - just once - the next one wouldn't be so arrogant.

Replace him with whom? You man ask.

Oh you did. Lets see who would be right for the job. Hummmmm let me think. Perhaps...... hum..... RON PAUL?


Why replace him at all? Give

Why replace him at all? Give power back to the States and elect a Congress without lawyers.

I agree with that.

I just saying the birth certificate thing is pointless.Other than it is the law, I just mean there is 10 others standing in line to do the wrong thing.

Yes, true. Al Capone was

Yes, true.

Al Capone was investigated for years. The FBI never could get him on anything criminal. They did, however, finally nail him on tax evasion.

So my question to any attorneys on this site is how long is an unconfirmed citzen of the United States allowed to assume a false identity and trespass?

If you can't get him for the big stuff, use the small laws. He should have been vetted by the Democrats before running for Senator and wasn't. He was supposed to be vetted by the CIA and wasn't.

From Orly Taitz's website

Retired USAF Col. Brewer -


I wonder if Pelosi has

I wonder if Pelosi has anything to do with this. She is in it up to her eyeballs. For those who think the birth certificate is not an issue or is a red herring is so very wrong. It is a BIG ISSUE. An imposter has used lies, deception, coverups, sealed documents, fraudulent forgeries to gain and keep his seat of power. What is wrong with everyone? The man being hailed as POTUS is a manufactured illusion. The evidence is piling up. Justice is being sought and denied to the American people at every turn.

Birth Cert is Red herring

Obummer may be a Marxist pig but he was born here, they just sealed his past and are covering up the fact that Obama Sr. is NOT his real Father.

More info on this below




"Great Men Do Not Seek Power, They Have Great Power Thrust Upon Them"

Uh huh.

Uh huh.


Tell me again how the birth certificate is completely legal when Barry's own attorney reveals the truth.

Either way, he needs to fess

Either way, he needs to fess up. We need to know who our president is (Ron Paul is my president though.)

There is far more evidence he

There is far more evidence he is a fraud then there is to what you are claiming.

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It is standard practice to

It is standard practice to list the husband on the birth certificate even if the father was someone else.

Just because you and Michael Rivero say its so

Dont make it so. The evidence is clear and overwhelming, yet some continue to say birth cirtificate no bigge its not a problem it just a red herring. BAT SHIP.



The dailypaul is much more politically powerful than many of us believe.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016


no surprise there... :/

"No physical quantity explains it's own existence, and no amount of time can consume an infinite series of events to bring you to the present, which means all of these somewhere have to be explained by one self-existent cause which is not physical."

They ALL Work For The Same



Why am I not surprised?

Why am I not surprised?

I was hoping, but no.

I was hoping, but no. America's gone and it's time to get out.