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Had talk with wife and we are asking questions - rightly so.

This is the letter I am sending to our pediatrician in the next week, 3-4 weeks from the expected date of our second child (girl). Please read and any feedback would be awesome. I have thought about including information for them to review as well in support of defensive inoculation.

This letter is to request comprehensive and complete information concerning vaccinations, specifically ingredients within and current schedule of inoculation(s) for newborns to four years of age. Our son is currently a patient of and was a patient of prior and has been since his birth. We are expecting a daughter March 21, 2013 and over the past four years I have educated myself further on vaccinations and their adverse effects, specifically the increase in claims of and links to neurological disorders, immunosuppressive complications and adverse allergic reactions that can arise due to the effects of vaccine ingredients and the methods by which they are derived/harvested/imbedded in the vaccine. We cannot in good conscience subject our daughter to potential risks if there is reason to believe or it is confirmed that the ingredients incorporated within the scheduled vaccinations can unnecessarily and needlessly bring causation for adverse effects that may arise in her, whether immediately upon injection or as may surface conditionally at a later time.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and please know that our request is for the ultimate safety of our child. We would be doing a great disservice to other parents in our situation by not inquiring about the viruses, chemicals and adjuvant ingredients we are allowing our child to be injected with. We would also be negligent if conditions would arise and we had remained silent about the possibilities of how those conditions may have been brought about. Thank you so much for your candidness and professionalism concerning our request and we will be eager to review your response. If you should have any questions please feel free to contact

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Read This


Perhaps this will help. Otherwise, I can make a quickie wiki page for you to reference?

hey dipshit

My only advice was to perform due diligence. For example, read primary documents and evaluate critically. How is that bad advise?

By the way... im not 36. Check my wikipedia page

Wikipedia, seriously?

You can find the information I referenced all over the Internet....except for, perhaps, your 'wikipedia' page -- LOLOLOL!

Sorry, anyone sending me to their 'wikipedia' page for 'truth' doesn't have the right to bash other Internet sites.

I wonder if rudeness is a

I wonder if rudeness is a side affect of too many vaccines.

why dont you do an experiment?

Or you could see if drmomma.org has weighed in. That would be much easier

Facts are facts

Mercury is a deadly substance. Vaccines contain thimersol which is 50% mercury by weight.

The FDA confirms that their vaccines contain thimersol.

(Source: http://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/SafetyAvailability...)

You can form your own opinions based on the facts.

our office

Our office switched to single dose vials for children whose parents did not want the multi-dose vials used. the single doze vials do not have thimerosol which is used as a preservative. ask for single dose vials.

Doctors get dinged if a child doesn't get immunized now. There is a group of administrators standing behind them and checking immunizations. It's a lot easier for them now because most of it is computerized. Our doctors were wonderful loving men who adored children and would never dream of harming one. But they believed what they were told by the manufacturers.. I could never quite figure that out. Once we could no longer maintain our private practice and got bought out by a larger firm everything changed. I would certainly recommend that all parents research immunizations. I feel pretty certain that when a production run meets the $$ the $$ wins out.

Bear in mind that there are still terrible illnesses like polio that are only a plane ride away. Personally I had chicken pox and measles and a probable mild case of mumps. I was sick when they were giving small pox vaccinations and never got one of those.. I had one of the first mass doses of polio vaccine and never had a problem with it either. It's a guessing game for the most part but you can ask for a modified shot schedule.. shots given at widely spaced intervals.

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Here's what I don't understand

If we allow our bodies to naturally overcome sickness then we can get a natural immunization from it. Why isn't this an option pursued by doctors?

In theory, natural immunization would be passed from generation to generation, building stronger as it went on. In my mind, prescriptions & vaccines are bandaids for the issue, but not a real solution.

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Just a heads up

Doctors believe that patients who write letters like these are crazy. I know you're trying to be straightforward, but he's already got a picture in his mind of "people like you." i.e. the non-vaccinators.

So just don't expect anything back except for, "Our studies show vaccines are perfectly safe, and there are some risks. But we believe that the risks are worth taking for the benefit of all of society. Blah blah blah."

Sorry. Hope I'm not a debbie downer.

- - - -
Other than that, you might try to soften it up at the beginning - say something nice. Like, "Thank you for your care over the past x months," rather than come out guns-a-blazing like this is the Holy Inquisition.

Otherwise, good info. Thank you for sharing it with us. Please keep us updated with what happens next. Many here, including myself, would be interested to know how things turn out.

Finally, best of luck with the new addition to the family!!!

He's the man.

good infor

This is great information and to come into it slowly is a good way to go. A modified shot schedule can seem to drift on and on but eventually administrators will start to put their two cents in.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

It might be too late now, but

If it was an option you and your wife were open to, I'd suggest using a midwife instead of a hospital. Most of them are very open to not using vaccines and I think they get a bad rap from the medical community.

All 6 of my nieces and nephews were born via a midwife and are all perfectly healthy.

But, like I said, it's probably too late to go that route.

Also please...

do not get a Birth Certificate... there is no requirement your child must be registered with vital statistics.

Let your child be born free and keep his/her freedom.

That birth certificate is what endorses FDR's socialist fraud constructed in 1933. Please don't do it.. if you need more information feel free to PM or search online.

The Best Vaccine Video I've Seen!

Dr Ayoub explains in terms we can understand! Just how much mercury is .25mg? He explains in Parts Per Million/Billion..


My son has 'autism'. His

My son has 'autism'. His doctor just ran a test for the mutation MTHFR which came back positive. It turns out that this is a common mutation which may impair the bodies ability in methylation. I don't know much about it yet, still researching, but it seems logical that if individuals have this mutation they may not want to vaccinate. It may very well be that vaccinations hurt my child because of this mutation. This mutation also may lead to other issues such as fibroids, miscairaiges, fibromyalgia. It isn't entirely clear yet. People who have this mutation need to stop ingesting folic acid and take L-methylfolate and methyl B-12. I hope this info helps out others...it is a huge topic and many have found relief after understanding and treating it properly.

It is possible that this is not a mutation, but epigenetic.

The inability to methylate can be reversed in fibromyalgia by curing the deficiencies.

Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene expression or cellular phenotype, caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence. They are not strictly mutation. Many can be cured by curing the deficiency.

Selenium, Methionine and Vitamin E deficiencies.

The DVM/MD recommends this for his human patients.

Make sure all the genes and enzymes are active and operational. Then deal with the remaining problems.

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Thanks for that info. I am

Thanks for that info. I am looking for all possible info on this topic which is quite fascinating.

I was just diagnosed with

I was just diagnosed with mthfr after a series of miscarriages. I have 1 copy of each meaning I do not have a good gene.I went to see a hematologist where he prescribed me baby aspirin because of the high levels of homocysteine which causes blood clotting and extra folic acid. I've read mixed information about the folic acid. Not quite sure what to beleive about it. I've been researching it as well. But you are right, someone with this mutation should not have vaccines or other toxins and medals because we are unable to clear it from our bodies.

I used to drink wine and always got super sick from it. I've discovered that I get sick because I am unable to clear the sulfates from my body.

Lots of interesting things to learn about this.

Some genes will switch during mineral deficiency.

First insure that you are sufficient in the 90 essential nutrients.

If you are deficient in one essential mineral a gene may turnoff. Or a needed enzyme not produced.

Miscarriage is a common symptom of insufficient pre-natal nutrition.

I would just spend $120 and get the Alex Pack or YGY HEALTHY START Pak for a 30 day supply.

At the very least you can find out if you have a nutrition problem without feeling like a pincushion.

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Interesting. Where do you

Interesting. Where do you recommend I get this supplement? I'd like to do something for my son also as I'm certain he has at least one bad gene past down from me.

I'm tired all the time. I take vitamins but they don't seem to do any good. I'm tired of being tired.

I also have taken vitamins for years, It helped but...

Then I discover seaweed salad. I've always loved seafood.

Seafood contains all 60 essential minerals. July 2012 I started taking Great Salt Lake concentrate with 72 trace minerals. I knew in a week, Curious cravings disappeared. Since then I have supplemented 600mg of the essential trace mineral. When people run out of minerals they feel old.

I will do so the rest of my life. That is odd for me. the only thing I do regularly is eat, got to the bathroom and check out the Daily Paul. :-)


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Unknownuser, check out this

Unknownuser, check out this site - as it is chock full of info: http://mthfr.net/ There are many posters over there from women with miscarraiges and mthfr as well as people with variety of other issues stemming from the mutation.

Also, son's doctor prescribed Metagenic folapro which I was able to buy on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Metagenics-FolaPro-120-Tablets/dp/B004...

Get methyl B-12 and take it sublingually. My son has methyl B-12 shots but they require a prescription and compounding. Some people take a very low dose niacin to offset any intermittent side effects of the L-methylfolate.

I'm going to get tested too. If my HMO won't do it as I requested recently, I found this cool lab that will run your genome for $99. https://www.23andme.com I think I might go with them anyway because you get so much info back that can indicate some genetic predispositions for health conditions.

What mutation does he carry?

What mutation does he carry? I am heterozygous which means I carry 1 of each. If he's got only 1 then it's possible that only 1 parent carries at least 1 bad gene. If he has 2 bad genes then both parents carry at least 1 bad gene. So both my parents carry at least 1 bad gene.

He is heterozygous C677T but

He is heterozygous C677T but he was not tested for the other mutation. So I think I will get him the genome test from the link I provided earlier. From what I understand it is worse to be compound.

Yes, it would be good to get more info from other sources. The topic fascinates me because atleast it is something that makes sense since so many people's health is going haywire. Issues like this may be an answer to why or how people are reacting to environmental insults that were not an issue a hundred years ago.

That's the website I read

That's the website I read from but that is only one doctors opinion. There doesn't seem to be enough information on this mutation so it's hard to form an educated opinion and to me it is rather confusing. I am however going to switch from folic acid to methylfolate as I don't think it would hurt any and makes perfect sense to do so.

Birth defects in animal livestock is 1:500,000.

Birth defects in humans is 1:5,000. Livestock managers provide pre-natal nutrition.

Humans need 90 essential nutrients for proper development.
60 minerals
16 Vitamins
12 Amino acids
3 Essential Fatty Acids.

A really good diet provides everything but the 60 essential minerals. A great diets provides a minute surplus daily of these minerals for longest life.

It's never to late to start.

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this is really

worthy of its own thread.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

The credit goes to Dr. Joel Wallach DVM ND and Ma Lan MD

In their book Rare Earth Forbidden Cures references 297 peer-reviewed scientific papers in major journals.

Deficiency in the 90 essential nutrient leads to disease. Curing deficiency disease means curing the deficiency.

Ninety three percent of modern medical cost is for mineral deficiency disease. About 7% is trauma.

For less than a Silver Dollar a week per person the nations health care bill would be reduced to 6% of what it was.

Expensive urine is the cheapest health insurance one can buy.

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this guy?


"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

That's the guy.

Doc Wallach has beat the FDA in court four times so that he could provide his human patients the same care as he used to provide his animal patients.

Some Seventeen thousand autopsies on hundreds of species including 500 humans found that their were two causes of death: Nutritional deficiency disease and trauma.

People who eat a balanced diet can get plant and animal produced vitamins and nutrients. But our soils are washed out or naturally deficient in some of the 60 essential minerals.

Pick an element, check the map.
Areas with higher lithium in soil and groundwater have lower crime rates.
icp40 maps are national survey maps.

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you really should dedicate a thread to this.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul