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Had talk with wife and we are asking questions - rightly so.

This is the letter I am sending to our pediatrician in the next week, 3-4 weeks from the expected date of our second child (girl). Please read and any feedback would be awesome. I have thought about including information for them to review as well in support of defensive inoculation.

This letter is to request comprehensive and complete information concerning vaccinations, specifically ingredients within and current schedule of inoculation(s) for newborns to four years of age. Our son is currently a patient of and was a patient of prior and has been since his birth. We are expecting a daughter March 21, 2013 and over the past four years I have educated myself further on vaccinations and their adverse effects, specifically the increase in claims of and links to neurological disorders, immunosuppressive complications and adverse allergic reactions that can arise due to the effects of vaccine ingredients and the methods by which they are derived/harvested/imbedded in the vaccine. We cannot in good conscience subject our daughter to potential risks if there is reason to believe or it is confirmed that the ingredients incorporated within the scheduled vaccinations can unnecessarily and needlessly bring causation for adverse effects that may arise in her, whether immediately upon injection or as may surface conditionally at a later time.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and please know that our request is for the ultimate safety of our child. We would be doing a great disservice to other parents in our situation by not inquiring about the viruses, chemicals and adjuvant ingredients we are allowing our child to be injected with. We would also be negligent if conditions would arise and we had remained silent about the possibilities of how those conditions may have been brought about. Thank you so much for your candidness and professionalism concerning our request and we will be eager to review your response. If you should have any questions please feel free to contact

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I wouldn't give them a heads up

I plan on printing out the TN law and taking it to the hospital if they try to push the Hep B on me. I may also print out the CDC rationale for mandating the Hep B in the first place - the junkies and ho hos weren't getting it.

It is also interesting to point out that the pharma companies have not even done trials with rats on the entire vaccine schedule, much less humans. All their "evidence" is epidemiological, which means it can be fudged pretty handily. In fact, the authors of one of the five autism "studies" is wanted for fraud and embezzlement.

Another good tactic I've heard is making the doctor sign a statement saying he'll take full responsibility should the kids have an issue with the shots. I haven't heard of one yet who'll put their money where their mouth is.


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You might not be able to have delivery at a regular hospital

Call your hospital and see if they have policies about vaccines. They might not let your daughter out of the hospital without vaccines. Mid-wive places are available as an alternative.

i'd take my phone number out

of the DP version.

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thanks for the advice...


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Call him and tell him lol.

Call him and tell him lol.

Well, you can hope.

Chances are good you'll be given the ole' AAOP line that children must be vaccinated on their schedule, and if you are unwilling to do that, then your child will no longer be seen by said pediatrician. I hope you find that they are willing to be flexible and to work on a delayed schedule (i.e.; maybe none?). You may find yourself looking around for a family physician who believes in parental choice...

Good luck to you. I know it's not easy.


seems to have moved away from the "patriarchal" well we can't see your child if you don't vaccinate and are letting the administrators deal with recalcitrant parents. That's how it went at our office anyway

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Is there any possible way you could have a home birth

I do hope you get a reply, but how honest would it be? I would find a midwife, or a nurse with a book on the contents of all vaccinations.

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