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Pink Police Uniforms and Cars?

Colors influence behavior and Ive read that the darker colors such as black are a bad influence for people who are supposedly entrusted with authority. Should we seriously consider this idea and promote it?

Color psychology: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_psychology

Psychology of pink: http://www.dreamhomedecorating.com/psychological-effects-col...

We need more pink.

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Pink uniforms might be good for deer hunters...

Would cut down on shooting deaths in two ways:

First - fewer shots taken as pink is calming versus orange which signals 'alert'.

Second - fewer hunters as pink is a humiliating color to wear.

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Hawkeyes painted their opponents locker room pink.

Vets For Paul!

I'm in 100%

support of this plan.

This would

probably do away with the need for them to carry guns too. Anybody they rolled up on would be incapacitated on the ground with laughter.

Or you know, just like gun

Or you know, just like gun free zones ward off criminals with guns, a pink clothed cop would just make criminals feel so peaceful that they would instantly reform.

Give a whole new meaning to the words

"I smell bacon".



Michigan Hwy Patrol has pink lights on their cars.

When they pulled me over I asked "Why do you guys have pink lights on your cars?"

"They're red."

"They look pink to me."

"Just watch your speed there buddy."

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Really, I laughed out loud to think of cops insisting their pretty pink lights were red!

"Red lenses on some MSP vehicle roof beacons have one or two clear horizontal stripes that allow some untinted white light to shine through, and this gives the lamps a pinkish glow at long distances."

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End of story?

(What part of Michigan btw?)

The U.P. On the way to a casino I heard didn't card for booze.

And they didn't.

Got pulled over for being an unknown vehicle on a highway known as a drug trafficking lane.

Since I'd recently worked a temp job packing up a medical supply warehouse my car contained lots of odd stuff including hypodermic needles thick as my dic-

They asked what the needles were for and I told them the truth - anything we swept up we were supposed to throw away or at least make disappear...

Got to keep the needles but they took my whippit cracker...

Made $300 at the craps table so pretty good weekend over-all.

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"State legislature is considering pink uniforms?"

It won't clash with your pink lights.

Free includes debt-free!

Da chicks...

Will dig it.