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West Virginia Families Need Help

The fight continues in West Virginia against the state legislature and Dept of Health. West Virginia is currently one of only two states that do not allow religious or philosophical vaccination exemptions for public school children, and medical exemptions are extremely rare. (Mississippi is the other.) In fact, if you do not vaccinate, parents can be charged with a misdemeanor. Students are already being pulled from school based on non-vaccination. Further, they recently added to their list of mandated vaccinations -- the flu shot and HPV vaccine (6th grade girls AND boys), and did so by bypassing the legislature using Interpretive Rule.

There's a small group of WV parents struggling to wage a battle against this loss of parental rights because WE want to CHOOSE whether or not toxins are injected into our children.

Please consider joining West Virginia's parents who believe in freedom, and if you can, donate whatever you can to their cause.



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This is simply horrible, and

This is simply horrible, and if I had a young child this policy would make me move. This is ALL to profit drug companies and very little about health.

It may...

We're home schooling, but if it becomes mandatory for publicly schooled and home schooled (for intramural soccer, etc.), then we're out of here. West Virginia, as a state, voted overwhelmingly conservative at the national level, and overwhelmingly liberal at the state level. I'm attempting to participate on a state level because I think it has more to do with money exchanging hands than votes.