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Eagle County CO Gop Kick Out Three PCP's For Being Too Conservative

I attended the annual GOP meeting on 2/13 in Edwards where I was amazed by a series of events.

Three PCP’s had been removed from their positions, earlier, by the committee chairperson in closed-door/private meetings. The decision was protested by those being removed arguing no open vote had occurred, and they were not given the opportunity to defend their positions in an open session.

One of the PCP’s attending the meeting asked why they were being removed wanting to force open discussion. Madame Chairperson proceeded to tell him and everyone in the room, they had been removed because they had not supported all the Republican candidates. They had, in fact, supported all but two. When one of the other removed PCP’s attempted to rebut, he was told he had no standing in the proceeding. Again, he had been removed in a private session.

What resulted was a shouting match which was the only way the PCP being ousted was going to be able to defend himself in any way. It was nothing short of a Kangaroo Court. When the remaining PCP’s were asked to vote, they of course voted them off having only Madame Chair’s perspective. Now that’s what I call a Democracy.

Before the above occurrence, Ryan Call, GOP Chairman, who was visiting spoke. He talked about how we need to come together if we want to take the State back. I agree with him. However, I do not agree that we must blindly support any candidate the GOP puts up.

I believe the best candidate should win not the person whose turn it is to win or who the GOP wants to win. Unless, the GOP realizes, and realizes pretty damn soon, they cannot win without the support of those who are truly conservative with principles: whether female, people of color, rich or poor, young or old, the GOP Party will remain defeated.

Look at who is being talked about on the National level. Rubio, Rand, Carson—
men of superior value, ethics, and integrity. They are conservative and whether they become real candidates in the future or not look at what they represent.

The reality is these PCP’s were removed because they are true conservatives. They have worked hard and long and have helped fill empty local Republican meeting rooms. They stand on sound principles and refuse to compromise. They did not bend. They didn’t support what was wrong.

Unless the old: old ideas, old ideologies, old mind-sets, old men and old women in the Grand Party go away, the GOP will remain defeated--in the old political doldrums for long times to come!

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tried CPR,

artificial respiration, even defibillation; alas, too late. Already brain dead! RIP you old GOP's.

"Any government that is big enough to give everything you need is also strong enough to take it all away."


Stories like this are further proof that you are not "winning" until the establishment gop is removed from office to even below the state level!!!!

We will never get a Liberty candidate to the national stage using the biased, current system.

We must remove our selves from the game because the rules are stacked in their favor.


Fair enough but I dont see how we get there
from outside the party?

Ryan Call is a fraud. Don't

Ryan Call is a fraud. Don't trust him.

He accidentally copied me on an email during the 2008 campaign where he was using his position as Legal Council and was clearly advocating AGAINST Ron Paul supporters -- which is a direct violation of his position. He is the epitome of 'NeoCon' and he will not hesitate in the least in throwing you under the bus in order to further his own career.

Where's Glenn Beck?

Oh that's right, he won't actually do anything about all the liberty ideals he spews.

Hey trolls from the blaze, please report this!!!

You signed a loyalty oath?

They signed a loyalty oath. That means you stick to the oath you signed or they will remove you and why I voted Romney, not that I wanted to, that's the way the PTB in the GOP, who we are fighting, outs us. It's all about staying in to win.


Sign the oath and throw your principals out the window.....

Principles are keeping an oath

Throwing principles out the window are sacrificing oaths for a vote that isn't going to move the electoral vote, or replace the corruption. You've got to stay in to win. While we may lose some battles this fight isn't over and I'm still in.

Ron Paul is a Republican, and an exception, something to strive for politically, no matter what party or not, principles begin with self.

Ron Paul is a Republican and the reasons you are not only reflect your apathy, not his, not mine.

With the State Chairman There, It is Obvious What They Want

You cannot win in a contest where the other side makes the rules, changes the rules in the middle of the game, and if they lose according to those rules they simply ignore them and bull doze over you anyway. The moral decision is to quit the game and denounce it for the obvious fraud it is, not compromise yourself to a system you know is corrupt in hopes of somehow gaining "influence". You have as much chance joining the Gambinos in the hope of "reforming" and "taking them back" for any moral purpose.


Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)

"whether female, people of

"whether female, people of color, rich or poor, young or old, the GOP Party will remain defeated."

This is exactly what they want. Find the post here with McCain at his townhall meeting. They don't care.

Next Caucus They Will Hear From US!

We will regroup and outnumber them next caucus.

You Got that right

Rally the troops


You were gung ho about pushing gj.

This Republic will never survive as long as people like you listen to msm and take the easy way out. Thousands attended every rally, but were told RP couldn't win, so people put their tails between their legs, looked for an alternative and bought that msm bs.

I got that right.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

what is msm?



Main Stream Media


never watch it

We must get rid of the local

We must get rid of the local corruption.

This is

where it starts all the way to the top