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Obama Drug Czar: We will go after marijuana distributors in WA and CO

They just want this all to come to a head. They are fighting on all fronts it seems like. This is just disgusting, how can anyone still support Obama.

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Molon Doobie

Come and toke it!


It is clear

that this Mrbengal, is following all the behavior patterns of an embedded TROLL. Check out his other posts and comments, All fear based and lots of links to gov propaganda sites. He'll have to get a new name to come back here. Dumbass thinks that pretending to be a truther will hide his agenda. He'll get his. Hope he doesn't know "TOO" much, if ya know what I mean.

Once Monsanto becomes the large-scale grower

of GMO pot,the drug czar will back off.

I always wonder

Why weed is illegal, I was thinking about it and maybe its because they don't people to remember they can grow things, If they grow weed well they might grow food and if they grow food well they wont get taxes on food and then they might start inventing things and before you know it the entire thing is out of control and the country starts to be prosperous.

It's illegal because...

It threatens the following monopoly interests:

Cotton industry
Petrochemical industry (needs little pesticides unlike cotton)
Alcohol industry
Timber industry
Corn ethanol industry

and not least...

Pharmaceutical industry. This is why Marinol (synthetic THC has been legal since 1985 but normal weed hasn't). There's $$ in extracts like Marinol for big Pharma, but not in legal weed that anyone can grow for themselves.


It's because pot smokers aren't really dangerous criminals and it's easy for the prison industrial complex to feed off them and keep them in jail BECAUSE they aren't really dangerous criminals. Keeping dangerous criminals is far more trouble and less rewarding to these leaches.


Oh wow, I didn't see that coming