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How have the fellows at the Mises Institute and LewRockwell.Com been influential to you?

Whats up everybody, I have a pretty simple favor to ask. If you have the time to send me a quick e-mail I'd great appreciate it.

I want to know how the Mises institute, and lewrockwell.com have affected your lives and your pursuits for the truth. I am also interested in any stories involving how they have helped/hurt your development as a free thinking libertarian.

Some of you may have seen some recent articles on my blog that were posted here at the DP. Thanks again for that! But that brings me to the reason I am asking this of you. I am writing an article about the Mises institute and Lew Rockwell, and I want to hear from as many libertarians as I can about how they feel about their work.

I will be totally up front and say that I enter this project with a great admiration of Lew Rockwell and the Mises institute. It will likely be an article that sheds what I consider a well deserved positive light on their efforts. However I still want to hear any and all opinions, and I promise not to leave out any legitimate objections raised.

Feel free to email me your lengthier responses to tHCondition@gmail.com and leave the shorter ones here in the comments. Thanks again for your input.