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Here's What's On Tonight:

I don't typically watch tv unless I'm all caught up on things and it's a really good movie. Does anyone remember Gilligan's Island, Little House on the Prairie, All in the Family, Happy Days, Soul Train, Welcome Back Kotter, etc.?

Check out these titles:

Law and Order
Face Off
Deadly Sibling Rivalry
Marked for Death
My Dirty Little Secret
CSI Miami
Criminal Minds
The Lying Game
After Newtown: Guns in America [2013 The Evolution of Guns in America and Their Link to Violence]

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Remember when tv had you in mind not that it didn't besides

...and whenever wasn't always?

Dr Katz, Professional Therapist: Drinky the Drunk Guy


Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

My favorite show is that one...

you know, the one with the dim-witted overweight husband and the dark-haired healthy smart wife, and their good looking precocious kids.

Oh, and both the parents work in the entertainment industry. Don't you love that one show?

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

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I am 27, so I don't technically "remember" All In the Family, but I have every season on DVD lol and really I don't have many dvds so it says a lot. Archie Bunker cracks me up and I adore Edith. I used to watch Happy Days all the time also.


I watched a movie last night

Bamako It's some of the best arguments against the NWO you'll ever witness. Mind blowing!