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Stefan Molyneux's New Documentary "Truth" - 11 Minute Trailer Amazing

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Looks like it is going to be

Looks like it is going to be amazing!

Miss-placed Empathy

Or rather, "Great Empathy tied to Short-Sided Plans" .... that seems to sum up all of Mankind's social problems pretty well for me. So, Great Empathy that is tied to Short-sided Plans is indeed, "Miss-placed Empathy".

So while Stefan focuses upon words, I would focus upon our predilection for Short-Sided Plans.

Just a thought.


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For some reason this song wants posted here.


Something in my heart is trying to get out...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

As much as I usually like and

As much as I usually like and can comprehend Stefan's visions....I wonder how easy it is to point out the flaws in the history of our humanity but offer no solutions. and I don't mean to sound trite but didn't Jesus among others (Gandhi) offer humanity both hope and solutions for the same societal problems which were the same then as they are today?

What do those terms and labels..

mean and why when somebody talks about peace and not having make believe lines on paper, that separate us all as different people, it becomes a "utopian" idea or socialistic and it automatically becomes negative? Why label? Do labels make us who we are as individuals? Do you really feel words make you who you are?

I think Stefan Molyneux makes some great points in this clip. Well played..

We can only hope more people actually open their minds in the future and get out of the old labeling paradigm. It's time to start thinking in actual ideas and not dead end labels or rules that hinder the whole process of creativity and possibilities...

There's a crack in the box and people are starting to explore.

Well, very thought provoking.

Well, very thought provoking. But I smell either a socialist movie or a anarchist movie(the big hint for me was the animosity of having borders). Could be neither but It wouldn't be the first time a movie starts out very reasonable and just dive bombs into an Anti-Republic message. Most likely it is socialist. There is a band of socialist trying to use the same initial premise for adhearing to Liberty, then when they think they've hooked you they start spewing their socialist utopia mumbo jumbo.

A lot of them, believe it or not, have come from the Zeitgeist documentary crowd. There is something called the "Venus Project" in which a futuristic society is envisioned where resources are managed by "central" (keyword: Central) managing facilities. The resources are then delivered to people according to what they need or is fair. The question I always ask these goofs is "who gets to run these facilities and how do you stop corruption.?" In these social utopia settings you rely on the state... There is no self reliance. But socialists never seem to acknowledge that there will be humans who seek power.

There is another video that starts out really well but turns into a socialist fest. i will see if i can find it for you. Heh, but who knows which way this video will pan out. I am just saying DONT BE SURPRISED.

Edit: Judging from his other videos I believe the maker of this video is an Anarchist.

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Molyneux is a vocal market anarchist

Molyneux is a vocal market anarchist of the Rothbardian tradition. He views governments as an expression of violence at a moral level. He often analyzes, characteristically so, other authority structures such as the church, schools and especially the family.

He has some very interesting perspectives. Highly recommended to check out.

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Don't be so quick to label

Stephan is the opposite of a socialist. He has thought clearly about the human condition and he is an advocate for letting people be free to pursue their own lives without interference from the State.

Along the way, he delves into the unacknowledged philosophical assumptions underlying our political assumptions. To hear that we are cows to be milked and slaughtered by the elite human farmers at their pleasure is disconcerting. Also thought provoking.

Stephan is not a fan of governments. Every government thoughout history has gone bad. Why? What is it about governments, whether Democracies, Republics, Dictatorships, Monarchies, or Oligarchies that results in repression and bloodshed?

Stephan explores the fundementals and he comes to some uncomfortable...but important...conclusions.


Wow, that is scary. Sorry the emperor has no clothes on people. Do not fall for this socialist hogwash. This is globalist "we are the world" propaganda at its finest. Ever notice how slipping you into a near coma state first with pretty pictures seems to hypnotize you into accepting things that would normally be repugnant? Notice the call to tear down national borders? Not too subtle was he. I will do some reseach on this guy, but it doesn't pass the smell test. "Countries are the chalk outlines"....of crimes?

RON PAUL is the GOLD STANDARD of politics, his value never changes; it's tied to the CONSTITUTION!

I sympothise with your position, but..

When philosophers wax as does the moon they tend to contemplate the 'end all be all' existence for humanity, or at very least a very large progression. We see the world's population communicating regardless of borders already. But we also see borders not placed on maps; those of philosophic borders. Think of our brothers in liberty in Europe for example, Nigel Farage and Daniel Hannan, and those in Poland, and Sweden, and Norway who avidly supported Ron Paul...who held up a huge Ron Paul sign at a Romney rally. We don't need a government to feel good about where we are from. Humanity can relish in the prosperity that comes from a philosophy, not a government, regardless of where they were born. That's not socialist. That's a world, albeit a very far away world, that would live in a society of free markets and free will, personal accountability, and still true charity. To live without the threat of aggression, yet to defend yourself against aggressors. The diversity in the world is what makes the world special. There's nothing socialist about those who hope that free economics and personal liberty is an international philosophy. If we could all agree about this most pertinent aspect of, frankly a majority, of our lives what would be the need for borders? No borders, no centralized governments, who cares? They really aren't necessary after all. I'm not saying we give up our current state of 'sovereignty'(but we all know that's been purchased) as Americans. I'm proud of my lineage, where I come from. But I prescribe to a code, a philosophy. The fact of where I am from should not bar me with trading freely with a man in Tonga, or Siberia, or Oman, or Costa Rica.So..
With Stefan, basically, he's just going on about how things hypothetically would be cool hypothetically a long long time from now. But it's certainly not a 'socialist' message. Far from. I've had the knee-jerk reaction too. But what are you true to, the philosophy of individual liberty? Or, The USA run currently by the likes of Obama, Pelosi, awe hell, most all of them. Having traveled somewhat extensively I can say that there is a growing population around the world of those who get the fallibility of centralized governments. Decide what your allegiance is.


excellent. Put into words some of the things I have always thought.

Looks good


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countries are chaulk lines

my favorite part

cant wait


Senator Peter Schiff 2016




bump this and likely donate. I would love to see the whole thing.

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Big Stefan Bump!

Can't WAIT for that documentary!