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Can DailyPaul lead a Mass Exodus Away From Facebook to Good a Alternative?

Facebook is getting more arrogant every day at suppressing activism and violating privacy, in the belief people have no choice to submit because FB is the only game in town. I can no longer share items of political interest even on political pages, it calls everything "spam."

One I like is (no connection or financial interest):


DP with it's admirable web traffic could do a lot to spur the movement over.

Social networking is a powerful tool. We shouldn't give up the concept just because the leading site has been bought and sold out. When our "Tunesian Revolution" begins we will want this means of mass communication.

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This is why

I had hoped DP would become RP's blogger, and I'm not even going to mention www.randwatch.com on DP as it's been settled.

But yes, the combination of topics, post/chat, I have requested that I don't have a premium subscription because I don't use the wing dings and like "the old DP". MN should post a collage of his DP covers when they were on the DP anniversary.

Maybe DP should have a WorldTruth.org

"like" widget in addition to the Facebook button. The site seems to be full of wide awake activists who would appreciate DP articles and news.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Isn't there a forum?

DP has a long list of forums. Maybe you could get that going on DP? Find the appropriate forum and build it like a sub-blog? Like Kroemer and a few others who are focused on issues, but appreciate the larger picture.

What I would warn you about is the issue on globalization is confusing, and while progressives and conservatives have common ground on the perception in genral, they have big differences in their solutions.

Ron Paul is working to educate the progressive side to better understand the conservative side, so that the progressive might see that the constitution is the key to liberty.

Worldtruth makes me think of 911 truth, which is an important topic and the tip of the iceberg, that many under the iceburg are less concerned, as the ultimate truth is, there are many.

I have never made a forum how

do you start one?

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Next to ABOUT is Forums

click that box and at the top it says, "create a new foum topic".