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John Stossel: The States vs. The Feds

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So, do ya think the woman on the street would better

understand the importance of the 2nd amendment if, 2nd amendment advocates refused to allow for the benefits of the 1st, 4th and 5th amendments, the amendments that she so readily approves of? She's so brainwashed about the "evils" of guns. Recently, I had this discussion with an acquaintance who states she won't deal with violence through violence and, therefore, self defense is not an option. Hopefully, her teenage children are more sensible and are prepared to rescue their Mother, if necessary. People like this Mother are an absolute burden to society. Perhaps they should be more heavily taxed due to their absolute dependence on others for their "safety".

Let us never forget Stossel's fake footage

As many of you might have seen, Stossel's fake footage. We need to remind ourselves that once we spotted a liar, we can't trust them. Too often times they pretend to be on our side.

The footage:

That wasnt Stossel's fault

It was Fox. When it aired live, Stossel showed everything, when Fox re-aired it, the edited it. They did the same thing to Judge Napolitano.

My state (Florida) recently

My state (Florida) recently declined it

woot woot

*does the happy dance*



Love Stossel

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