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Device Renders Television Sets Completely Inoperable, Irreparable

I've been working on this device for a while - it's still in prototype phase but I've worked out enough of the bugs that I feel confident presenting it.

It's basically just a small device that fits in your pocket and can disable any television within arms length. It is made from stainless steel and works for both righties and lefties alike.

Shipping is guaranteed, satisfaction is free and it comes in your choice of colors! Can you believe this amazing value!

As always we cannot be responsible for conversations or bonding that may occur after total television device failure.

User discretion advised.

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I Still Watch

Southpark and Simpsons, The OLD Two and A Half Men BEFORE they kicked Charlie of his own show, and Supernatural. Other than that, TV is pointless to me. Got something to disable drones?


Whoever can provide me an example of this device...

gets free delivery for life!

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Is Keith Richards a device?


No wait, he doesn't fit in my pocket. Damn!
Stainless steel though. Comes in choice of colors too! :D

a bit rounder eh,...

but cor. Spot on, mate!!!

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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best on telly...

best used on telly ain' it??

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

I just used the device,

or at least one that fits the description. It works quite well. Thanks! I like its rugged stainless steel design. Yes it is small and handy. It allows me to not actually touch the nastiness. I also feel secure in leaving no traceable fingerprints upon depressing the [off]power button...

And now that the television is no longer a problem, I've thought of another use for the device...

"choice of colors!"
a slightly different design for the flamboyant...

Wow! Much to see and do...

now that the boob-tube's out of my face. Hey, I can produce my own show!

Song for Ron...

I saw a glint of gold on a wind-worn road
I saw a twisted back bent beneath a heavy load
Throw all your diamonds away, they won't mean a thing
When the angels lift our eyelids in the morning

Tonight might be the worst for the freezing birds
Waiting for the sun to come and warm the icy earth
They'll take their weary heads out from underneath their wings
When the angels lift our eyelids in the morning

The hunchbacks in their lonley towers
Toll the bells at the witches hours
Watch orange eyes ablaze
Vanish into the alleyways
The snowstorms in our TV sets
The black forests beneath our beds
They sit and wait where no one hears
To bang the drums down inside our ears

When the bottoms of the clouds all start turning red
There's a bird upon the branch swaying wildly in my head
Waiting for the sun and for another chance to sing
When the angels lift our eyelids in the morning

Hold on a sec. Tv Technology

Hold on a sec. Tv Technology and Computer Monitor Technology have become very similar as of late. Some people even use their TV for internet. If it STOPS ME FROM GETTING MY INTERNETZ, then I have no choice but to sell the anti-tv destroyer. It will be basically something you can wear on your wrist to destroy your tv destroyer.

Your not the only one who has studied Mr. Tesla's Papers. Bwu- ha-ha-ha!

jrd3820's picture

Does it work on smartphones?

Or Iphones or whatever the new fancy phone is?

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― Dr. Seuss

Oh Man YES

THAT'S what I want to see. I HATE those stupid things!


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Woa. Chris, careful! ...

Woa. Chris, careful! ...

if you've got something operational that can possibly give back a number of I.Q. points to some of your fellow citizens...

... you do know it's a threat to "National Security" that can put you on a kill list, right?

Man, I urge you to disseminate that more inconspicuously, for your own safety!

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


Nice, I thought it was going to be a picture of a baseball bat.

That's the user upgrade

interface module.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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