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Man With Down Syndrome Asphyxiated By Police

The man's mother wants this info to go viral.

I guess it's okay to murder mentally impaired people now as long as you're a cop. Off duty no less! Aren't most Down Syndrome people extremely laid back? How many cops are?
Here is the article from the Washington Post. Naturally they won't go into detail so if you want more on it there is always infowars' take. I added both links.



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Those cops will likely get a promotion, Big Sis will probably offer them a job with the DHS....they got the right stuff.

Heart breaking :(

Heart breaking :(

Southern Agrarian


I thought so too. Imagine raising a child with issues to adulthood through no telling how many hurdles and having some jerk bully cops kill him in a movie theater for wanting to see the movie again and THEN having those cops get off scott free!