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Bulgaria's gov't resigns - 'I will not participate in a gov't under which police are beating people'

Bulgaria's government resigned from office after nationwide protests against high electricity prices, joining a long list of European administrations felled by austerity measures.

Prime Minister Boiko Borisov had tried to calm protests by sacking his finance minister, pledging to cut power prices and punish foreign-owned companies, but the measures failed to defuse discontent and protests continued on Tuesday.

Many Bulgarians are deeply unhappy over high energy costs, power monopolies, low living standards and corruption in the European Union's poorest country.

At least 25 people were taken to hospital after protesters clashed with police late on Tuesday.

Boiko Borisov said: 'I will not participate in a government under which police are beating people'


and here:


May the WILL of the people continue to supersede government corruption. We might want to take a page at what actually seems to cause an actual government response and bring about actual change.

Once again, a government responds to mass protests. Why can't we understand that HERE??? Too comfortable? Doesn't hurt enough yet?

Bulgaria, Tunisia, all brought about by mass protests. Who's next?

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I think same thing, gov resign.


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Thanks for posting.

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May not be a good thing,

May not be a good thing, Bulgaria is in the EU and now they are vulnerable to a EU takeover, ala puppet Lucas Papademos in Greece.

Southern Agrarian

Good point

I didn't consider that, but I also have to wonder if the PEOPLE will stand for it. It seems like they've got the right idea on getting government to respond and hold itself accountable.

Bob-45 also linked a pretty good article below that you may want to check out:

"Many of the protesters in Sofia, Plovdiv and other major Bulgarian cities had demanded the resignation of the centre-right GERB party government and the re-nationalisation of power distributors for several weeks in a row. The government lost support after it abandoned plans in March 2012 to build a new nuclear power station at Belene, close to the Romanian border under the immense pressure from the EU. The plant was built by Russia, which was ready to modernize the nuclear plant, but was banned from doing this by the Orion bureaucrats in Brussels who tried to prevent any Russian influence on the Balkans."

Check this out...

An Example to Follow: The Bulgarian Revolution Will Trigger the Domino Effect in Europe and Worldwide

Bulgaria Government Resigns

by Georgi Stankov, February 20, 2013


In a coordinated anticipation from the Higher Realms of the imminent ascension and appearance of the first Bulgarian Ascended Master, the government of Bulgaria has announced that it is resigning. This was the logical step after nationwide protests and severe clashes with the police took place against high electricity prices and austerity measures, which were recently announced by the Prime Minister Boiko Borisov.

read more http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2013/02/follow-bulgarian-...

Opposed to the USA corporate Rothschild gov

The USA goverment resigns only if the addicted donut eaters wont beat and maim the public on their behalf. WOW Bulgaria has it backwards.




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