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3th Quarter Report

According to CBS news, looks like our man has raised about $3mil. That's about half of what Romney raised if you don't count his "personal loan to the campaign". Not bad for six spammers in a basement, eh? Read the article here.

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Ahhhhh!!!! I cannot take the SUSPENSE!

I find myself pacing...waiting for the 3rd quarter numbers...must...have...more coffee...go smoke a cigarette...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Still Nothing! Gosh Darn it! At least they could add a flash automation to the new fundraising goals so that I could focus my attention on something else!

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10 million

The Clintons' took 10 million out of her senate fund and put it in her election funds.

How come Romney is allowed

How come Romney is allowed to "lend" millions to his campaign like this, when max donation is $2,300? Can anyone "lend" such money to the Ron Paul campaign, or is it only the candidate himself who can "lend" money to himself? In that case, could one give money to Ron Paul personally which he then might lend to the campaign?

Where can I learn more about the rules of this strange game?

my caution

comes from experience

last quarter i was one of the people who thought he would surely bring in 3 mil, maybe up to 5 mil...

2.7 mil got him more attention than i thought, it's definatly kept him in most of the debates...

"we fear change, especially nickels"

"we fear change, especially nickels"


If Romney raised 10 mil, but gave himself 6 then he would only have 8 million onhand because if I remember correctly he was 8 million in the hole from the last quarter.


of course

not my fault, public school... if only there was competition

"we fear change, especially nickels"

"we fear change, especially nickels"

6 Million!

Going by the 12 million goal set for 4th Quarter, and from Ron's comments earlier, they should report collecting 6 million for the 3rd Quarter.

I Tend to Agree

The $12M Q4 goal only makes sense to me if they came very close to $6M in Q3.


Romney's total was 16 mil, not 4. He raised 10 and gave himself another 6.

That also means he has given his campaign at least 12 million dollars. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to give your own campaign that much money?


the campaign said before they raised the last million that they had exceeded last quarters amount, so they already had more than 2.4 million. So let's say they had 2.5, then you add the 1.2 and you've got 3.7; minimum.


The article says that "the campaign is hinting at", they're going off of the same things we've been hearing with their own spin downplaying the total, they don't have any more information than anyone else. We're all excited to know what the number is but please read the article properly before you post this stuff.


Waiting for the 3rd quarter results to come out is even worse than watching the thermometer,

I predict 6 to 10 million.

We also need...

...the average amount each donor made. then divide that by the total figure and you get a rough estimate of how many donors contributed. then, we spam that figure to all of the news agencies.


3th.. what is 3th?

"we fear change, especially nickels"

"we fear change, especially nickels"

Threeth stupid!

Don't you know anything, Jeez.

CBS is wrong -

The Ron Paul campaign has not released their numbers yet.

If it was 3 million as the Nightly News says, that wouldn't make sense because that means in all of July, August and September (Except for the last 7 days) the Ron Paul Campaign would have only made 1.8 million.
I can count 5 days alone where the Ron Paul Campaign made over 100,000 each day. That leaves 1.3 million divided by 84 days which equals
$15,476 per day which equals 644.00 per hour. I know thats wrong.
Now we know this is false because it was said earlier by the campaign that July was the best month for contributions, then August was claimed to be better than that for contributions, and then of course you have September with the 1780 Constitution Week campaign that delivered 3400 contributors. Not to mention all the west coast gold mining trips.

In the Second quarter the Ron Paul campaign hauled in 2.5 million, so you know it had to do better than that without the 1.2 million last week fund drive because according to the campaign each month in the 3rd quarter was the best month ever. So at the very least you are looking at 4 million, but I think it is closer to 6.7 million. I say this because I think they had 5.5 million when they asked for the 500,000, to try and make it 6 million, but they will end up getting 6.7 million because of the extra 700,000 we tacked on.

This would follow along with what they said earlier that they probably brought in more money than just about everyone on the Republican side.

Giuliani is probably going to report 8 million, Thompson at 7 million and McCain at 5 million. Romney is expected to do worse than before, but will offset it with a bigger cash injection of his own money which really doesn't count as support.

So only Giuliani will do significantly better than Ron Paul, and Thompson squeaks out slightly more for all that time he spent (more than a quarter) receiving funds and getting all the free media time.

If Ron Paul received the same media attention as Thompson he would be beating Hillary's numbers

nice numbers

but i'm still trying to keep my expectations low..

and i do keep in mind the amount of people paul has working on the ground for him, which is part of reason why his fundraising totals are going up this quarter instead down, not to mention the man himself, Ron Paul

"we fear change, especially nickels"

"we fear change, especially nickels"

I read this in another post.

When you take 2 million, and add the 1.2 million from the last week, you get 3 million.

I think this is where the numbers are coming from, they know it's not down from usual and assume with the million in addition they can't go under with a 3 million estimate.

from the article

And the campaign of Ron Paul, a libertarian Republican with a small but passionate fan base, is hinting that he's going to come in at over $3 million for the quarter – a number that makes him harder for the other candidates, and the press corps, to ignore.

Maybe I'm naive

But I think $3 mill is low.

I, personally, through my own donations and heading a meetup fundraiser, multiplied my own second quarter donation by tenfold.

Unless his second quarter was all $2,300 donations that were maxxed for the third, I'm thinking Ron Paul will be reported a much higher number.

This article comes from CBS News, and they are doing the "before the numbers" speculation so that maybe some people will spread the falsehood. Don't Believe The Hype.

I hope I am right.

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When will the official announcement be made?

I must admit, the suspense is KILLING me!