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Silicon Valley Libertarians Cling to Their Guns: "Gun Control is Technology Control"

Silicon Valley Libertarians Cling to Their Guns: "Gun Control is Technology Control"

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Tuesday, February 19 2013

Gene Hoffman is standing in the middle of his sunny corner office in Belmont, California, and he's showing me his AR-15.

If California State Senator Leland Yee had his way, Hoffman could get arrested for this. In 1989, the California legislature passed a law banning semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 on the basis of a combination of features such as pistol grips and telescoping lenses. But Hoffman and some other gun enthusiasts scrutinized state regulations and found a way around the legal code in 2007 by creating a button that fixes magazines in place. That theoretically renders a rifle legal because its magazine could then not be detached without using a tool, as required by state law. Gun owners could still rapidly reload with this button in place, because all they have to do is poke it with the tip of a bullet to unlock empty magazines. Last year, Yee floated a bill that would add button-equipped guns to a list of banned weapons.

So when I asked Hoffman to explain the device — a controversial add-on called the "bullet button" — he didn't have to close his office door before pulling the seven-pound Lauer LCW-15, unloaded, from a large rectangular case on the floor. He did anyway — "Just so I don't alarm anyone," he said.

Hoffman, an affable Silicon Valley entrepreneur, speaks rapidly and logically, and his hands whiz expertly around the weapon as he attaches the lower receiver into the rest of the gun. At 38, he is the CEO of Vindicia, a digital subscription payments processing firm. But he's also chairman of the non-profit Calguns Foundation, which is part of a national network of gun-rights activists that are defending Second Amendment rights in court and fighting legislative battles in statehouses.

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I think the gun scare is a red herring

The more I read about gun control, the more I'm seeing this as a foil, whihc other rights are what is actually being put on the chopping block, like the fifth amendment, the right to not self incriminate.

The problem is the MSM suggestion, "A looney with a gun". Guns are not the problem, looney people are, and looney people want guns, so eliminate the looney people by telling them we're take their guns and they'll panic (what looney people do) and expose themselves, and we can take away their fifth amendment and have them labled looney.

Healthcare is becoming another law enforcement branch.