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I Am Confused On Posting Here

I recently posted a thread called "Who Killed the EV1" and soon afterward there was a thread showing up on the front page of DP with the same title but it was dated from back in 2008 by someone else. I wasn't aware of that post since I haven't been that long but is it weird that this happened? Why did it? NOW, BEFORE you blow off on me understand that I am not bothered by this just wondered WHY it showed up. I am GLAD it did because that means more people are seeing the content of the threads. I don't care who posts what as long as the news gets around. The more the stuff shows up the more people will see it. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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Allow me to shed some light

Let me begin with a quote from one of my favored books, the Second Book of the Tao, by Stephen Mitchell:

If a man is crossing a river
and an empty boat collides with his own boat
he won't get offended or angry, however hot tempered he may be
But if the boat is manned, he may flare up, shouting and cursing
Just because there is a rower

Realize that all boats are empty as you cross the river of the world.
And nothing can possibly offend you.

- - - - -

If there are duplicate posts, which happens offen with breaking news, I make as much effort as possible to put the first story on the front page that broke the story. But sometimes, it is a second or third post that gets more attention, for various reasons that have been mentioned below:

- post timing, like ralph said below. It all depends on who's on and who's interested. Timing, on the DP, as in life, is a great randomizer

- title selection. Like fishy said, original titles are better than vague ones. This is a randomizer, but one that can be somewhat controlled, and the advantage goes to better headline writers

- moderator timing. The moderators are volunteers, more or less. Everyone's got other jobs, including me. Sometimes I moderating the site from my phone, while riding the bus. Those aren't ideal conditions, being faced with time constraints ("gotta get off at the next stop!") and just the basic constraint of moderating from a phone. It is harder. You don't see as much information, and I'm limited with what I can do. Copy/paste on a phone is just about impossible.

Like Nicholson said below I just blow it off. As long as the information gets out there, we all win. This is my attitude as well. I realize that not everyone is going to be happy with all of my decisions all of the time, but that is something I have to live with while at the same time doing the best I can with limited resources.

Like Paul said, Michael Nystrom runs the corner tavern. As long as one isn't attacking other users, the bouncers are tolerant and liberty minded. This is pretty much true.

Anyway, sorry I missed your post. What was the one you saw on the front page recently? I don't recall putting a post about the electric car on the front page recently.

He's the man.

I Wasn't Complaining

I was just surprised that it showed up too! I don't care about who posts what that I have posted too as long as the news gets out. The more the merrier!


I was wondering how many original post per day on average?

Collisions are harder to gauge. How often do people say, "hey I posted that"!

I've been a registered user for nearly 4.5 years. The problems and possible solution have been discussed.

There are tools provided when creating new posts to help avoid collisions.

Free includes debt-free!


because clearly Michael does not hand out trophy's to everybody who participates.

Get over it.

Sorry to be so nasty - but this is now the third thread today with people complaining about how the site is run(and to be blunt - whining like a bunch of liberal school girls that were just told they are not going to be starting varsity football this year). You do realize this isn't owned by yahoo and it doesn't have an army of programmers behind it right?

You do realize this is the end result of one man putting his heart and sole into trying to promote RP??

Judging by the number of posts you post

I can see why you replied the way you did. Out of EVERYONE here that's commented thus far, you're the ONLY one that's acting like a little school girl.

The OP had a legitimate question and people gave their CONSTRUCTIVE input. Maybe it would've been more appropriate for him to take up the issue directly with the mods instead. But as one of them pointed out, there was enough interest to start a discussion about it. If it bothers you that much - flip the channel - down vote it. No need to attack, it make you look like a whiny little school girl.

Sorry to be so nasty.

And timing....

What gets me is when I post an article and it gets zero up or down votes....and then someone else will post the exact same article with the same title hours or even days later and it gets 25 up votes. It depends on time of day or how many people come to the site when you post.

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True Ralph

It also seems to depend on what else is going on that day. If you post something so/so-important on a day when there's big news going on, it often gets passed up because everyone is focused on the big news. Post the same thing on a dead day, and it gets piled with votes and comments.

Try using original titles

I try to catch duplicates as I type the title, I watch the "related topics" field. By using the exact title from the original article, I figure I have the best chance of not duplicating. Using the "search" function without the correct search info is no use.
Truth is, pretty much everything has already been discussed here. Griping about duplicate posts is a waste of time and energy. None of us are on anyone's payroll, "scooping" each other really does not matter at all. And, a new poster on an old topic may have new thoughts. As long as it is truth we are recirculating, its all good.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Yes, As long as it is truth we are recirculating, its all good.

We have had millions of visitors to those that are registered to post, comment and vote are but a fraction.

Lew Rockwell runs a tight ship. Topics he posts are fully edited. He counts page hits from the internet to rank popular posts.

Michael Nystrom runs the corner tavern. As long as one isn't attacking other users, the bouncers are tolerant and liberty minded.

For better or worse, Michael lets me have a say and that makes all the difference to me.

Micheal lets everyone registered have a say, at least once.

I've come to expect liberty minded tolerance of discussions, debate and humor at Daily Paul. How better can a site honor the ideas Ron Paul suggested, but by practicing them.

Well, Michael Nystrom provides such a place with a little help from his friends.

Free includes debt-free!

I gotta agree with the other posters.

I originally posted the Ron Paul/Tavis Smiley interview: http://www.dailypaul.com/274798/ron-paul-coming-up-npr-radio

and I saw another post that was a double post that got more traction:

I just blow it off. As long as the information gets out there, we all win.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Sure sucks doesn't it?

dexterszyd is most likely correct in that someone got bent out of shape over your post. Until VERY recently, I made a habit of ALWAYS using the "search function" on the upper right so as not to post duplicate threads and not clutter the site. However, no good deed goes unpunished. It's discouraging when many on here don't do the same. I remember posting a couple of things that had already been posted, just had different titles so the search never brought it up. After I'd realized it was a duplicate, I did the "polite" thing if you will and post on my own thread that mine was a duplicate and I'd include a link to the original post.

Having said that, I found it ridiculous, and extremely lazy on the part of some members here, that seem too be to busy and can't be bothered to use the "search" tool. The result of their laziness would duplicate the SAME story over and over again. Last month the SAME story was duplicated FOUR times(to my knowledge), who knows if it was even more. And someone just this past week duplicated a story that had already been posted a full week prior.

Now having said that(again) someone did what you did and posted something that had already been posted a while back. I'm talking over 6 months I think. I don't see a problem with posting something like that if:

a) It's an important topic that we shouldn't let slip away
b) Some time has elapsed where new members have joined who may have not seen the original material. I think 6 months to a year is fair.

Either way, those are my thought and like dexterszyd said, don't stress over it. From what I've seen of the constant duplicates here, it seems that neither Michael nor the mods are too concerned over them, so don't worry about it and post away.

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Actually e,

we don't always see all duplicates if we are not at our computer when they hit. Sometimes they bury before we know they are there. We do try to aid in limiting them, and will often disable comments on all but the earliest post when a pile of duplicates happen to be posted all at the same time, but if we catch a group of duplicate posts too late, and they all have already filled up with a large number of comments on each of them, we kind of hate to just cut off the entire discussion on a bunch of them. It seems each undiscovered duplicate can often lead to a completely different avenue of discussion if they are not caught early.

So unfortunately it kind of depends on our timing and how much commenting has already happened. At least, that is what I have always done. I hate chopping off a discussion that seems to be growing well.

Most here will tell you to click on the tool box above

Titles search, then enter keywords to see if its been posted.


Just post it and if someone resurrects a post from 2008 and rubs it in your face they must be looking for some kind of self validation of sorts.

Lots of egos on here and the best policy is dont worry about it. Follow the basic guidelines and share.

If it is a post that obviously has been up and discussed heavily, we'll let you know and it will either die or be resurfaced.

Don't sweat it.

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.


There have been a lot of new additions to the group and not everyone has seen subjects from 2008. Some of which can't be bumped cause its part of the preserver upgrade I assume.

So post away (I'm not the authority here just someone that likes to hang out with you guys from time to time)

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.