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Law Enforcement "Requested" Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women - VIDEO

Law Enforcement "Requested" Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women - VIDEO

DHS supplier responds to outrage over “no hesitation” targets which include children

Paul Joseph Watson
February 20, 2013

Law Enforcement Targets, Inc., a provider of shooting targets to the Department of Homeland Security, has admitted that targets depicting pregnant women were “requested” by law enforcement agencies.

As you can hear in the YouTube clip above, Blaine Cooper enquired about the company’s “no hesitation” targets, which also feature children, elderly gun owners and mothers in playgrounds, and was told that the target showing a pregnant woman was a “requested law enforcement target for training.”


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Funny They don't have a

They don't have a "Renegade Cop" or "Bad Pig" version.

They order these targets so

They order these targets so that they don't shoot them. Did you ever play Hogan's Alley?

Is it a natural progression of the state or a few sick minds

capitalizing on sociopathic shooters?

either way,

NEVER will a cop admit that he/she would shoot at these targets.

NEVER will a cop deny the exception that makes shooting these targets possible.

A cop will ALWAYS shoot at the EXCEPTIONS to their individual mandates.

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What a friggin' OUTRAGE!

I could NOT believe this when I read it. Every last person who was part of this "government" idea should be fired with NO PENSION!

wow... RED alert man. This is

wow... RED alert man. This is nuts

Did anyone note that

Did anyone note that initially she described the targets as no hesitation targets, and later (after someone whispered in her ear perhaps?) they became shoot/no shoot?

There is a HUGE difference in intent. Is that damage control to what???

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It's good these guys are

It's good these guys are getting hammered and this is just more evidence that Federal agents especially are preparing for war on the American people. However even if this company stops making them or goes under (lets hope so) they will just get them somewhere else and that company will not advertise them for everyone to see.

What gets me is the fact that this company did not see anything wrong with these targets and thus put them out there for all to see reflects on the mindset of to many in this country...

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She is afraid of her neighbors, and never owned a gun.

I have no fear of my neighbors, and they are all armed. It is rural Idaho. This woman watches the "domestic terrorist" nonsense on MSM and thinks the FBI is nabbing people left and right. The fact that the FBI groomed and supplied every one of them is entirely lost on her.
Her defense of this is almost as reprehensible as the targets themselves. Alex needs to give her the 'Bama Phone lady treatment, complete with concealed weapons class.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I bet if you or other

I bet if you or other civilians asked for shooting targets with police on them you/they would likely get a visit from the DHS or local police! Maybe Alex should get some "policeman" targets printed up?

I see that you beat me with

I see that you beat me with the comment. props
The public range that I use doesn't even permit
human shaped silhouettes for self defense training.

just creepy. I wan't so very

just creepy. I wan't so very badly to be wrong about all of this.

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Big bump

Must read article for everyone.

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