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Miami War on Drugs leads to shootout and near Martial Law

This was literally in my old neighborhood, where many of friends and family still reside. Door to door knocking, helicopters blaring over loud speakers "stay in your homes", shut down of ten blocks with huge paramilitary police presence...


Update* Body found inside too burnt to identify.


Update 2 ** Alleged suspect found hanging in apparent suicide.


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Does anybody know...

...how to acquire the transcript or audio from last night's dispatch? Anyone? Anyone?

ill go outside my house if i

ill go outside my house if i want damnit

Checkpoint still up...

...as they are considering the third suspect to still be at large, armed and dangerous, until the charred body is identified....


i use to live in miami beach

On 72nd street....thank goodness i got the hell out of there.

Cops new "plan"

"Well, its like anything else, if you see one of something occur you consider that an accident. But when you see two of the same thing occur then you know that there is a pattern or a trend. In this instant we had three of the same thing occur, and that is a program or a plan."

Norman Mineta~ from testimony on 9/11

Martial Law could be what they want people use to, so . . . .

was this another staged/production in Miami to get residence used to the Door to door knocking with paramilitary police presence so when full out Martial Law is declared, people will be tricked - caught off guard and subdued and stripped of their Guns/2nd Amendment like what happened after Katrina?
Stopping most if not all the drugs coming into America is what they have always failed at and possibly, on purpose to keep Americans Drugged.
Remember; this could very well be another staged/production for the Control of "We the People", also known as Gun Control.

Resist and Never give-up your Guns no matter what the so-called event is about . . . Hurricane, Tornado, Drug Raids or Winter Storms.
No reason according to the Government or Law enforcement is a legitimate reason to enter homes or confiscate Guns.
4th Amendment
2nd Amendment

A friend of mine sent me screenshots...

...of home surveillance system. Also, body found in burnt home. Trying to confirm.


"...but it was unclear early

"...but it was unclear early Wednesday how the fire started. The flames could be seen from blocks away.
The home in a cul-de-sac at 15415 SW 57th St. burned for hours. “Firefighters at first couldn’t get to the scene,” the neighbor said late Tuesday."

New technique?

I was just thinking the same thing.

... I know 2 time does not make a trend, but it does seam strange.

Who know what these people were up to but now we will never know. Now that the place has been burned to the ground it is only the "official" story from the cops that we have to work with. They can say what ever they want at this point.

Makes me think of a quoit I heard Norman Mineta use during his testimony on what he experienced on 9/11.

"Well, its like anything else, if you see one of something occur you consider that an accident. But when you see two of the same thing occur then you know that there is a pattern or a trend. In this instant we had three of the same thing occur, and that is a program or a plan."

So I guess we will see if this is there new "plan".


I volunteered to write news scripts for Freedom Broadcasting Network, the first "beta test" airing was yesterday. I clicked this link 15 minutes before my deadline, submitted a quick story. I'll see if it gets aired in a couple hours. If you're curious, you can listen for it here:
The news segment would run between 11:00 and 11:05 Mountain time. The wannabee journalist in me thanks you for the breaking story.

Now, as a human, I am about sick of the "War on Drugs."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I will tune in...

...lots of my friends and family were living in fear all night. This has hit me right in the gut. I need more details. For those asking for more details, I got some from a friend who has a police scanner. Here are my last few FB posts on the situation.

"Detectives were investigating a drug tip, occupants of home opened fire with automatic rifle. Then house was set on fire. Then manhunt." <--- this was told to a friend of mine who is in SWAT and that was the briefing more or less.

And here's my last post,

"***Update* *** Source with police scanner provides a little more detail. Initially only one suspect reported. The other two suspects were not mentioned for the first hour or so... He was described as a white male in his 20's... The police then reported the house on fire and were under the impression suspect was still inside and was possibly going to fire more rounds at police. Sometime after an hour or so of the gunfire that was heard, the police scanner channel was changed and the transmissions seized to be heard over public frequencies (or they just couldn't find it for one reason or another). It was after the public police scanner went dark that the other 2 suspects were introduced through the media. There are rumors of an injured party. Someone was reportedly shot. No other details I know of. All reports from Herald and local networks allude to all three suspects being involved in shooting at police... but over radio only one was talked about.. At this point, it is unclear whether the other two suspects are wanted for being involved in the shooting itself or for being known occupants of the address. I also read in some reports that the media initially had the wrong address of the house."

This was my first post on FB...

...this morning to which I have had some send me private messages in regards to some details. Still waiting on more.(hopefully)Oddly enough, someone just offered me a couple of days ago a chance to write hemp legalization/anti War on Drugs articles for his new website... is this a sign?

"The police state has arrived... and it stomped through my old neighborhood last night, many of my old friend's yard and property, with guns and no permission, in SWAT gear, all to protect us... The reports are all difficult to confirm, to who opened fire first, to what sort of weapon, to how the property caught fire, to whether there were even drugs in there or not... All details in the hands of Miami PD and no real journalism yet detected... I'll update you... if anyone can get in touch with local law enforcement and get some info, that'd be great... or if we can get transcript to police scanner last night or anything of the likes. I'll continue to dig here, but would love some help."