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Notice of contempt by the Appellee, Comissioner of Social Security of the court order to file an answer and request for judgment


She's not going to let this go.


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I do not understand why she does not get more support.

Obama sealed his records. Why aren't we all curious about his eligibility? I know many have bought into Rivero's "love child" theory that he promotes tirelessly based on a couple photographs. Orly has several verifiable documents, and Obama's book has a forward where he is described as "Kenya born." The multiple / false SS number is a CRIME... And Orly is like a dog on a bone, she will fight this alone if she must. Why does that not earn her more respect and support?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Agreed! A bunch of talking

Agreed! A bunch of talking heads proclaim there is nothing too this with no substantiation and everyone parrots them. The evidence is compelling to say the least that he needs to prove he is eligible pure and simple.

The Fact that the SC is running interference should make everyone all the more suspicious.

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I think

most of the issues she brings up are valid. However, I think, to put it bluntly, she is controlled opposition...being the reason I, personally, don't respect and support her.
If I'm wrong, God forgive me. If I'm wrong, somebody show me the error of my ways, and I will apologize and plaster her case(s) across the net...

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What do you base it on?

I know there was an effort to discredit her when she first started making waves. She went to Israel, or her husband is Jewish, or both, or something... Anyway, I wrote her off for a while, too, but recently I have come to think she is genuine. Have you followed her efforts to get the Supreme Court to even look at her case? This week, AGAIN, the clerks, the little doo-bees for the judges, suppressed her evidence. The Justices held their "conference" on her case with several of them having NO notes or documentation, and NONE of them having it all. And, I have come to the conclusion that the best thing to do about controlled opposition is use what is useful. We can never be certain about anyone, so we need to stand our common ground with everyone whenever we can.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Dr. Taitz grew up in the

Dr. Taitz grew up in the Soviet Union (Moldavia) and immigrated to Israel after the fall of the U.S.S.R. She married in Israel and they immigrated to the U.S. Seeing the opportunities in this country, she did something that most Americans don't even do; she became a real estate agent, dentist, AND attorney. She probably wonders why we think it odd that she took advantage of all the opportunities that we have. She is very intelligent and tenacious. I admire her strength. I've watched her in interviews talk about what life was like in the Soviet Union and has made comparisons to things happening today to what she is very familiar with. She loves this country and doesn't want to see it go down that path. That's why she won't give it up. She said once about Obama, "I know who you are" as if directly to him. I just happened to be reading posts on her website when she found out about the social security number. I've been keeping up with it ever since. I've read how courts would turn her cases down because the plaintiffs apparently had "no standing". Why in the world would former presidential candidates have "no standing"?? Former Ambassador Alan Keyes (a black American) ran for president in 2008 and was more of a liberty candidate. He was knocked out quickly; "we can't have Americans' power returned to them now can we?". He is a plaintiff in one of Taitz' cases and I would MUCH rather have had him over Obrainless. I just don't understand how Americans can be so brainwashed and complicit to justify Obama's actions. Yes, I'd like to know why his social security number belongs to someone else. I had two liberals jumping down my throat 2 days ago because I posted the supplemental brief on facebook. All they could say was "Orly Taitz is crazy." I told them a bit of history on it and said the only reason they call her crazy is because she's on to him. I pray for her to stay safe in all this. I became convinced she's got something important because of the ridicule she gets, the attacks on her website in attempts to take her down, and everytime her cases get further up the totem pole, big events are always happening that distract the public. This time it was Chris Dorner. The MSM is complicit in all this. The corruption is so deep, it makes me sick. So I pray that a higher power will take care of Dr. Taitz and take down those who wish to do the people of this country harm.

She may very well be controlled opposition

Why else would you jeopardize someone else's chances?


Maeve talks in great detail throughout his comments regarding this. After reading his comments, it's the only conclusion I can come up with.