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All I can say is, why did you Idiots vote for him?

The people of Arizona are mad at John McCain. I ask, why did you reelect him?


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Ok I take exception to your honorable McTraitor post

I have never seen a vet say that mc traitor is a hero.

I say Hanoi John the singing canary who stayed in a hotel pumping in his North Vetnam propaganda to the POWS. Or the stupid one that crashed a number of Jets at the expense of many debt slavees. The hero that laughed in MIA families faces as he sealed their records to hide his cowardly betrayals.

No he is and never has been a HERO just a minus as in the evil scum minion to satanist NWO ROthschild bank mafia kabal.

Please do not connect his name to honor and heroic or a hero you insult me personaly when you do.

John is the stupid eveil child of a stupid evil admiril that cashed in on his fathers evil, Nepotism and maifa at best. Pure evil at worst.


"Hanoi John" ?

"Hanoi John the singing canary that stayed in a hotel..."
Are you referring to the "Hanoi Hilton" hotel? FYI, that was a nickname given to the Hoa Lo POW camp, not an actual hotel.
It was "Hanoi Jane" Fonda that stayed in an actual hotel and spouted off propaganda.

The "hotel" McCain stayed at was an infamous Prisoner of War camp. He did not crash there, he was shot down out of the sky. McCain was a senior POW officer imprisoned. When the NVA decided to release him, he refused to leave without his fellow soldiers. He was interrogated relentlessly, starved and beaten. He was left in confinement with broken bones so severe that to this day he cannot raise his arms higher than his shoulders.

I insult you? Are you a veteran? Have you ever been a POW? Do you personally know the horror?

He may have been an asshat then also. None the less, that asshat served honorably, was shot down, captured, imprisoned and tortured for five years. Real torture, not advanced interrogation and waterboarding. A living hell that most would not be able to endure...or even imagine. If you think war is hell, try being a POW. Trust me, the NVA and Viet Cong were vicious and inhumane. What we consider unthinkable and horrific were standard operating procedure for them. Unthinkable, horrific, vicious and inhumane. All in a days work at Hoa Lo.

Having said that, we are in agreement that he is indeed an asshat now. We need not denigrate his service to justify our disdain for him. His political career provides enough fodder for that.

I understand and share your frustration and anger at Sen. McCain.
He is an asshat and needs to go away.


Exercise Liberty.
American Nomad, Veteran.

"I saw it on YouTube, it must be real"!
"I read it on Wikipaedia, it must be a fact"!
User generated reality...*sigh*.

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U dont have a clue

and none of your biz, you best go do your homwork you got it all wrong. and yes I spent more time in the military than jonnie. You talk as if you know somthing yet I know that your clueless.


Just like a rapist blames his victim.. She wore a short dress or

She smiled in my direction so she ask to be raped.

So the polls are crooked, the TV reporting all propaganda sold out scum, the vote count FRAUD, the election, NEVER IN THIS WORLD would any human vote for that scum bag, traitor, coward, stupid, and evil bag of human waste.

Yet some still say those people deserve to have that cowardly traitor because they did or didnt vote or vote for him.

What BS, time to stop blaming the victims and keep focused on the truth.


Only 49% of eligible voters consented to vote.

About 31% voted for The incumbent. Only 20% voted for Romney.

But Government employees 16% and their wives can insure that big government wins the day.

One fifth of the voters select the GOP candidates we can choose.

Another fifth chose the DEM candidates we can choose.

On election day we can choose from the candidates selected by a few.

For 120 years, maybe longer we have suffered a tyranny of the Minority.

Treason against the Constitution was intended to protect the people from government abuses and tyranny.

How many people can the DOJ terrorize before the agents involved are indicted?

Free includes debt-free!

Depends who is doing the counting.

On election day at best you can choose from the shill puppets that are implanted on your ballot. You can not prove that the shill you voted for actually had your vote accuratly counted.

Yet I can prove the opposite.

If I go to a corporate food store and buy a loaf of bread, I can prove to you I purchased that loaf of bread. In fact they may have a person at the door to frisk me and force me to prove that I own that loaf of bread. So I keep my reciept in my hand and I can understand the process so I accept that when I go into the store.

Now you may think that and election of shill puppet government politions is more important than buying a loaf of bread. BUt me I know its not because I can prove i purchased the bread My vote no way to be sure it was accuratly counted. BUt many proofs that is not counted and does not matter.

Not to mention the proff of who I voted for being counted. The polls are a huge lie and they provide no evidence of accuracy. The media is controlled, owned by those very bank mafia that fund and choose the shill puppets. The two party system haha hahah. The primary vote dont even matter the delegates choose not the voters and we seen the delegets dont even choose but the installed party bosses who make rules on the fly and have a motto of do as I say not as I do. So come again about your point?

I got to understand what that means consented to vote? Sounds like double talk that means nothing, drivel.


I did not consent to vote in this election.

Many of the reasons you put quite well.

I vote with my labor and money. If the vendor gets rewarded enough they can keep providing something I find beneficial. Government gets in the way. I don't consent to that.

Anarchy allows autonomy. To be ruled/coerced by another makes self-rule impossible.

If only voters were liable for taxes we will quickly see who consents to taxation.

Free includes debt-free!

His "friends" don't seem at all too happy

And no Mr. McCain, you are very out of touch. The border is NOT very secure. Simply because you make a "public relations" tour during the middle of the day, when the sun is out, when there is hardly any illegal crossings, does not mean that it is the same way in the middle of the night, when most of the crossings occur.

He doesn't fear voters at all - WHY?

Because he knows the elections are rigged -

He doesn't have to be accountable to them, only to his source of kickbacks and campaign donors.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon



Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

None voted for him.... These

None voted for him.... These elections are so rigged.... Do you really think the people keep sending these people back.... We have long ago lost the ability to vote....



Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Not me

Obviously, this Arizona "idiot" did not vote for McCain. We had a good liberty candidate, but very few knew he existed (lack of funds?). Even the Democrat candidate was weak. McCain is a legend to the Republican establishment in AZ, and to most voters in general, because of his time served as a POW in Vietnam, and his run for the Presidency. Most Republican voters would not consider him a RINO, and the uninformed voter wouldn't know any better, based on what they are told by both local and national media. Lacking some scandal, he is a tough candidate to defeat.

This AZ idiot has never voted

This AZ idiot has never voted for him either. And I don't even know of any republicans, or teaocons who like him. He's an establishment tool. That's why he won't go away. That and the fact that nobody strong runs against him as others have already mentioned.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Did they?

I am beginning to suspect they did not. How is it that 2 months after an election, the elected officials have an approval rating of 9%?
I think our elections are rigged far worse than we may realize.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

good point Fishy...

good point Fishy...

To the point.

I want to know, too.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

me three

Looks like poop, smells like poop, and tastes like poop. Why would you think it's flowers?

+1, but gross, how do you

+1, but gross, how do you know what McCain tastes like?

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LMFAO !!!I think one can


I think one can guess by looking at him and by what pours out of his mouth as to what he might taste like. But yeah, don't go there.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.