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Frontline piece on Newtown and gun debate

The latest Frontline is a provocative episode on the Newtown shootings, Lanza's life, and the gun-debate rift.

Here's the link to the segment about Newtown and gun debate:

There are also related pieced easily found on the same page.

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Surprisingly fair coverage.

Surprisingly fair coverage.

Also =

Did you guys notice the article under the video...

How Conservatives “Reinvented” the Second Amendment

While conventional wisdom suggests that an individual’s right to bear arms is enshrined in the Second Amendment of the Constitution, it is, in fact, a relatively recent interpretation, according to New Yorker writer and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin.


Thanks for pointing it out; I

Thanks for pointing it out; I hadn't noticed it.

I'm unsure where Toobin gets the basis for his argument, and he certainly didn't make the case in this brief piece. Orin Hatch's 1982 report to Congress on gun rights, which is linked in this article, is amazing for it's historical perspective. It provides some context for how the shift in interpreting the 2nd Am more narrowly got started, something I've been wondering about.


One of my favorite bits from the report: In 1623, Virginia forbade its colonists to travel unless they were "well armed"; in 1631 it required colonists to engage in target practice on Sunday and to "bring their peeces to church."

Go to

Go to Cabellas.com
bushmaster ar-15
now scroll down, notice the two yellow boxes
one of them being NOT AVAILABLE IN CT?

So how was it Mrs Lanza had a registered
bushmaster ar-15 when they are banned in CT?

She couldn't have legally owned an AR-15 - she moved to

CT after the ban was in place so she would not have been able to grandfather an AR15. The whole story stinks and they won't answer any of the legitimate questions.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

could have been

a pre-ban?


All their names and family pictures are still the same, I know y'all are tired of being angry about something there is little we can do about, but sometimes I look for any excuse just to put it doen for a while. The whole thing still stinks to high hell and there is no question it was a sealed production whoever was actually killed in the process. We will see more sacrafices of "loose lips" continuing with these scared parasites.

Not as BS as I had expected from PBS, but

there were subtle (intentional, of course) misconceptions:

"Militias were under control of the colonial government." (Singular, implying one / central) WRONG! Should be "governmentS" to accurately refer to local governments / state gov'ts... if any. [MSM PBS is against states' rights, of course.]

Typical / expected effing up of the militia and bearing arms clauses in the 2nd Amendment. [no surprise here]

All blamed on "gun violence" (as if guns commit the violence): rise in violent crime in cities before and after Civil War; gang violence (which they call urban gun violence).

"Guns enforced Jim Crow" in the South. [Those evil guns are hurting civil rights!]

All pro-gun people depicted as white. Blacks included as vicitims / criminals.

Black Panthers = only black pro-gun people included (which, unfortunately, still turns off a lot of whites) BUT: at least they were credited with being a huge part of gun rights development!

Guns and gun culture / culture of oppression is painted as a Southern thing, and it was said in the program that this "still stands today." [Again, depicting pro-gunners as backward / prejudiced / white / negative.]

Bill Cosby tear-jerker gun violence story included [Sorry, Bill, but c'mon, PBS!]

"Guns = violence". [OK, so no guns = no violence?! WRONG! See Chi-town, Britian, etc. No-gun legislation, but violence on the up-and-up.]

1980s urban crack and gun epidemic cited. [Ha! Bush / John Deutsch / Iran-Contra / drug smuggling / gun-running ignored! See Mike Ruppert. Sh*t. Some of this is public record now.]

Typical "no civilian purpose" twaddle. [WRONG! Anti-tyranny!]

What would the Founders do?

finally, the real Sandy Hook

I really hope we don't make new laws every time there is a tragedy, We already have way too many laws. Soon we will be crushed under the weight of all of them.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

I watched last night and noticed something odd.

Most of the Sandy Hook parents and residents on the program have never been seen in any of the MSM clips. I think these are the real people and they did not want media up their butt while they were in a state of grief and shock.
So the corrupt media gets the actors who want their faces plastered all over to do "interviews"

I got that impression too.

And they showed how the community has lots of gun owners and avid target shooters and hunters. Something the MSM never mentions.

me too

That was surprising to me as well. I had the opposite impression of community for some reason.

That is what I suspect also

All the "famous" families were recent transplants to the area. I think there were real, Sandy Hook parents behaving like we would expect - grieving, avoiding public... and I think there were cult members.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

And the opposite is true too...

I didn't see anyone that has been on the air in this video.