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An app to crash the banks

This is a fairly simple app, and shouldn't be a security concern for users.

The idea is to have more than one bank account. The app would choose a bank, and alert everyone who had an account at that bank to move their money out of it, to another bank.

Perhaps on a daily basis it would select a different bank, or perhaps hourly. If automated, it could do it several times per second.

The idea is to be constantly pushing the banks up against their fractional limit. Which should serve to point out the folly of having fractional limits - but the likely response is to declare the app illegal, just as that anecdote from "Source Field Investigations" where the government men took the invention and said "you're trying to destroy the monetary system", when the inventor was really just looking for another power source.

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That is pretty funny.

People are getting creative. How long before it is a crime to be caught with this app?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

+1 for source field

+1 for source field investigations