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Romney is scheduled to speak at CPAC 2013

Maybe Ron Paul supporters should attend to tell the other attendees what sort of ANTI REPUBLICAN loser they nominated last time.

Tell the other attendees that if they do not wake up and smell the coffee they will get screwed big time again in 2016.

I have got lots of info on what Romney was really like on my blog.
This is one of my articles.


Ask the other attendees why an ANTI REPUBLICAN Stalinist is even being invited to attend, let alone speak.


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Sad, Sick , and Mad

It turns my stomach to think of people still supporting Romney and any other NeoCons. Someone hand me a bucket, I am about to hurl.

sick quote

"I have great respect for Governor Romney.."
rand paul feb 5th on o'reilly

I thought CPAC was a conservative group?

If they invite Romney to speak, I would assume CPAC is not just for conservatives anymore.

I guess it's good to see they have an open tent, bringing in progressive and liberal speakers. LOL

What Romney/Ryan would have done for America


Romney/Ryan ARE Bush/Cheney clones - except that they are even more CORRUPT.
They have EXACTLY the same policies and EXACTLY the same Foreign Policy and economic advisers.
Romney has already demonstrated his corruption with the multiple medicare frauds of Bain companies, e.g.Damon Corp.
There are several other examples of his nefarious business connections, e.g. Allen Stanford's $8bn Ponzi scheme - the official investigation of Romney's role in this is on-going.
The taking of seed capital for Bain Capital from El Salvadorean Death Squad families, who were themselves supported by drugs money.
Romney got into bed with some VERY DIRTY characters when he was starting up Bain Capital.

Romney/Ryan would bring economic carnage to the US - just like Bush did.
Do you even remember the housing bubble, crash & financial meltdown?
Bush didn't start the housing bubble, but his economic policies hugely EXACERBATED it and the financial carnage that resulted from it.
E.G. by reducing interest rates down to 1% in 2003/2004 to get re-elected.
By not taking away the government guarantees of Freddie & Fannie.
By not reinstating Glass Steagal or repealing Clinton's directives to the banks to lend to sub prime.
By not stopping the mortgage brokers like Countrywide selling on the mortgages that they wrote within a month and keeping zero stake in it for themselves. Countrywide couldn't care less if the mortgagee could actually afford the mortgage.

Bush did this from a position of American strength.
Romney/Ryan would finish America OFF. It would be even worse than the financial carnage of 2008.
America has suffered a severe strategic, financial and economic decline because of GW Bush's stupid wars and profligate spending.
The Iraq and Afghan wars have cost the American people $5tn+ to end 2011 and the costs are still mounting at well over $200bn a year.

A Romney Presidency would bring mass rioting in the streets from the mass unemployment - like Greece and Spain are now experiencing - but worse.
The US would have similar levels of unemployment to that of Spain and Greece, from Romney's lunatic policies of squeezing the lower paid whilst giving a huge tax cut for the rich.

Romney/Ryan would also start new wars.
And they would LIE about the circumstances to get public approval for them.
EXACTLY like Cheney did to allow the disastrous invasion of Iraq.

Romney would not particularly care where the wars war.
Where is not important, it is the fighting of new wars to increase the military budget and to reduce civil liberties that is important.
Some or all of the following.
Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Venezuela.

Neocon nutjob "think tanks" are even now trying to build a case for conflict in Venezuela.
Just like Wolfowitz distorted all of the intelligence reports in order to lie to the American people about invading Iraq.
Just like Cheney lied about the Niger yellowcake.

When the US is already spending EIGHT per cent of GDP on the military - Romney wants to very significantly increase it.
Romney says by $2tn over 10 years, but he also says by $200bn each and every year, which would mean an INCREASE of $2tn over the course of FOUR years -$200bn + $400 + $600bn +800bn = $2tn.
The 2012 military budget is $1,219bn.
And Romney wants to increase it by $200bn each and every year.
It would be like a leech sucking the lifeblood out of the American economy.
That's how the USSR went bust and collapsed in the 1980's.
Romney/Ryan have no plans to fund any of this increased spending - it would all add to the deficit.

The official base DoD budget of $530bn (which Romney is using to try and pretend his plans are somehow remotely credible or sensible) does not include things like :-
maintenance of America's nuclear arsenal - booked to the Dept of Energy budget.
the war costs of continuing operations in Afghanistan.
the pension and medical costs of Veterans, greatly increased by Bush's wars.
the interest costs of the additional money borrowed to pay for the costs of the wars.
the list of what is not included in DoD base budgets but which are part of Defense is very long.

Romney wants to build some more toy boats.
The Navy says they do not need or want them.
No other country on the planet has anywhere near a sizeable navy.

Romney wants to continue the $1.45tn project for the next generation stealth aircraft.
America hasn't had a plane shot down since the 1st gulf war.
No one has the technology to combat existing planes and they won't have for decades.

There is only one phrase to describe Romney's policies.

And it will see America's strategic and economic decline to a 2nd rate power.
China smiles at the lunacies of the American government and Romney in particular.

Mitt Romney has already defrauded US taxpayers out of $100's millions with his Bain activities.

He has substantially harmed the American economy and wealth by taking otherwise healthy companies, loading them up with debt, extracting huge dividends and making them go bankrupt with the loss of jobs that entailed (Bain still made a profit).
(I am NOT talking about some of the uneconomic companies that Bain took over and needed downsizing/liquidation.)

Bain has substantially reduced the total of American wages.
Bain Capital did not create ANY nett jobs during Romney's tenure as CEO.
They did however swap higher paid jobs (such as in manufacturing) for lower paid/minimum wage jobs such as retail at Staples.

Romney's record in Massachusetts is absolutely appalling.
People voted with their feet to look for better job prospects, the population of Ma declined.
number of private sector jobs in Ma DECLINED.

Romney managed to increase state spending by 24% in his last 3 years as Ma Governor.

Even amongst those who were left in Ma, Romney had a 65% DISAPPROVAL rating upon leaving.
Romney raised fees by $780m p.a. which actively harmed small businesses, ordinary people and Ma's economy.
He still left a $1bn hole in Ma's finances for his successor to try and fill.

And now you are suggesting that Romney be given the chance to steal $100's BILLIONS from the US taxpayer to give to Bain Capital and his other cronies?

And now you are inviting Romney to ruin the whole of the US economy like he did for Massachusetts?

And now you are suggesting that Romney be given the chance to extract any remaining wealth from the middle classes by increasing military spending and closing middle class tax loopholes?

What gives?
Are you NUTS?

N.B. In case you are thinking I am making any of this up, the links to the evidence are all on my blog.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Maybe someone should speak up at CPAC and make these proposals

80%+ of Americans would be kindred spirits if they stepped back and thought about things for a while.
Over 80% of Americans would agree on the MAIN issues we face.

What we are talking about is just plain common sense.

War makes nations poor, trade makes nations rich.

A system of government owned by Oligarchs will not help the 99.9%.

A clique of elite private bankers controlling the nation's money supply is bad news for everyone except the elite private bankers.

Competition is good - it encourages innovation and better value for consumers (and voters).

Monopolies are bad for everyone except the monopolist.

The Federal government is now a monopoly - very little power now resides in the States.
The vast majority of taxes now go to the Federal government and not to the states governments.

The Federal Reserve private bank now has monopoly power on the money supply, instead of the states competing with each other, with different policies on the money supply and their own currency.

The Oligarchs are now able to control elections and legislation through their power over campaign contributions and the lobbyist system.

But most of the population don't want to stop and think. They are content to continue to play the game set up for them by the Oligarchs.
Most of the population love making cheap partisan shots and insults over trivialities - you don't have to do any thinking at all to do that.
Americans today much prefer NOT to think.

The partisan politics have no real meaning in the face of :-

BOTH parties agreeing that $2tn a year should be stolen from the 99% and given to elites.

BOTH parties agreeing that perpetual war should continue to America's great harm, for the purpose of stealing from the 99% to give to the rich and to distract and control the general population and take away their natural, innate and "self evident" civil rights.
If Americans were not presented with an external enemy, they might even stop to think and come to the conclusion that it is the bankers and their own government that are their main threat.

BOTH parties agreeing that the big banks and large Corporations should be above the Rule of Law.
No senior bankers should be jailed for their numerous crimes of large scale fraud, money laundering, market manipulation and outright theft.

America was born out of the greatest system of governance for wealth and prosperity ever devised.
It was born out of a system of friendly, co-operative competition between relatively small economic and political units, called states.

America within a very short space of time became the greatest and wealthiest power on Earth.

That system has now been torn to shreds and replaced by a MONOPOLY.
A Monopoly that abuses it's powers for it's own enrichment and to the great detriment of everyone else.

That system has led to America's insidious and persistent decline since 2001.
That system has made everyone in America, except the MONOPOLISTS, much poorer.



A similar competitive system of relatively small economic and political units, allowed Europe to take over the world from about 1500 - but that system was far less co-operative and far more antagonistic.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."