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2016 Dr Rand Paul and Dr Ben Carson to fix the nation

Two hardworking honest doctors can help defeat the federal monster. Think about it and talk about it.

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I really don't know anything about Dr Carson...

...except the speech at the prayer breakfast.

Is there also a plan to get around the propaganda media

machine who marginalize any good candidate as they did with Ron Paul? And what about dealing with the elite billionaires club who rig the election machines to get their guy in?

I put my hope in no man

I put my hope in no man. My hope is in the Almighty.

I was praying fervently as were others, that the blessing of God would be upon us, and that Ron would be put in the White House to hopefully get some sanity restored to this nation and its problems.

When that did not happen, I knew at that point, that this was another great evidence, that God had removed His hand of blessing from us.

My emphasis here is/was not on Ron, but on the blessing of the Lord, if it were or were not upon us as a nation.

We, as a wicked nation of greed, lust, drunkenness, drugs, same sex marriage, love for the gods of this world, and living for self and no love or fear of God, are just a few reasons for our just reward that we are now reaping.

My personal thoughts are that we will not reach the year 2016.

I know to some this sounds so extreme, but to others, they know otherwise.

The entire world is falling apart at the seams and there is nothing that can be done.
It has been told by God Himself that a time would come when all things would end, and if you simply look around at everything, you would see that we are just about there.

Now is the best time to seek God's face and his mercy.

Everything in this life will pass away, but for those who are secured in Christ, it will be the beginning of an eternity of everlasting joy.


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

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It's about so much more than picking two people that you like and saying Pres/Vp 2016. It's much bigger than that.

Ben Carson? He gives a good interview and maybe he will continue doing so.

Rand? Sigh.... it just seems like the same old same old to me.

It's the same old

with a rEVOLution of people like me who are in the GOP and on the front lines. The GOP is a big ship, and we could destroy it, and I hope not, rather I hope that Ron Paul is correct, because many of us are now to the GPOP, I;m new to the major party system.

When I came to the DP I was registered an Indy and had been for 18 years, and an LP member before that from 76.. if folks think they can "beat the system" better than Nader in his 4 Indy runs, or get past the gatekeepers who keep third parties, third parties, or Ron Paul, Rand Paul and the rEVOLution.. GOOD LUCK.

Rand speaks to those of us in the GOP. It's got some very powerful members, and they are not going to give up wealth and power without compromise. We are the future and a new force, and it's one hell of a good fight. My committee is more like DP in real life than when I started going to meetings as a guest over two years ago.

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I know what you are doing in the GOP, and you have explained to me your past and why you are doing what you are doing.

This idea that I have been seeing so much around here lately seems so odd to me. The idea that we can pick two candidates and prop them up as the ideal example of liberty and then they will swoop in and "fix things."

You know that it is much bigger than that right? You know that Rand cannot fix this, and as much as I love the guy Judge Nap cannot fix this. Judge Nap can make things better in my mind, but it's not about them, is it?

Rand can't by himself, that's right

and that's why so many of us joined the GOP and are there FOR Rand, against Rubio and Rove and the mess that has steered the GOP to lose it's way. We're in to take it back. So when you say, "Rand", you are also talking about those of us IN THE GOP who are backing Rand.

Rand is not alone.

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No Granger

When I say "Rand" I am talking about Rand.

And it does not matter how much support he has if the support simply comes from the desire to beat out Rubio.

Rubio/Rand/Christie/Santorum/Bachmann.... none of them matter.

Because, once again... it's not about them is it?

It matters in the party

It comes from much more than simply wanting to beat Rubio. Rubio represents the facade, the funded facade of MSM/ Rove and the corruption in the GOP.

Rand represents the faction of the Liberty Movement that has fought two elections because the Ron Paul's message, to restore the republic, per his invitation. Rand is doing an excellent job in speaking to what would be Rubio suporters and listening to us, our solutions.

For those of us in the GOP fighting FOR liberty, it matters.

I can understand that it does not matter to you, or those outside the GOP. I hope you find the perfect candadates that will beat Rand, but for those of us who got in because of Ron Paul, and have politically advanced in the GOP, it is important to understand who is going to turn the GOP around to liberty and do our best to support and advance them.

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Had a few more things to say here Granger

“I hope you find the perfect candidates that will beat Rand”

That’s the point I am trying to make. It is about so much more than one candidate.

“if folks think they can "beat the system" better than Nader in his 4 Indy runs, or get past the gatekeepers who keep third parties, third parties, or Ron Paul, Rand Paul and the rEVOLution.. GOOD LUCK.”

I understand the impracticalities of a third party run. That is not what I am suggesting.

This always seems to go back to Rand with some people here. My original observation was that the idea that we can just prop up any 2 candidates that we like and hope for a win is odd to me. Almost bizarre. I don’t care who those candidates are. I am saying…. It is much bigger than that. The title of the post was suggesting that these 2 men can fix the nation. I responded by saying No, because I do not think any 2 men can fix the nation. It will take much more than any random 2 men paired together as pres/vp.

In the past few days there have been numerous threads regarding which leaders will be best. Some of the suggestions that have been made are even suggestions I like. You know I like Amash and the Judge, but it is not even about Amash or the Judge. It is about each of us being our own leader. I don’t need/want a leader, do you? There are very few people in this world who know me well enough to be qualified to lead me, and those people I absolutely let them lead me, but that’s because they know me. Again… this is not about Rand… it is about the search for a leader to fix everything. It’s almost eerie, no matter who the leader is that is being promoted.

Some people want a leader they think CAN win even if the leader does not represent what they believe in (that is not a direct attack at you please don’t take it that way); others want a leader based on 1 good interview. Some people are worried that Glenn Beck will tarnish their good name which makes me think that they view Glenn Beck as some sort of leader even if it is not their leader. But these names…. They don’t mean anything. They are simply people, you and I are just people and we can’t just rely on someone else to fix things because the people we are trying to rely on are just people and people are imperfect. Yes, it would be an easier world in my mind if the Judge was President. You see that it would be better if it was Rand. But once again…. It doesn’t make a difference until people understand that if they really want to see change, they have to start with themselves and stop looking for a leader.

So, to recap; my original comment was not meant to be a knock on Rand or the GOP. It was meant to be a sigh at this search for a leader to fix everything. I feel like you responded as though I was bashing your work in the GOP, but I also feel like you get your fair share of that around here and I don’t need to add to it. I don’t understand it as I could never work in the GOP, but you do you and I’ll do me. However, this series of comments was never meant to be about Rand, my observations were that there seems to be an almost frightening search for someone to lead the way instead of people leading themselves to the path of liberty as they see fit. I bet if we all led ourselves by living the principles we promote we could make a bigger difference than if we desperately search for a person to attach ourselves to so we can be led, because once again… I don’t want to be led unless it’s by my friends and family and then by all means they can lead the way and I will follow. And because once again, it is so much bigger than finding a leader and expecting him/her to fix everything.

THANK YOU jrd3820

Because Rand is a learning curve politically, and many here do not understand why or how he is a leader for us in the GOP, especially when they admittingly loath the GOP, I find myself having to defend what Rand and we are doing.

I do it because I believe we deserve understanding, being what we are up against. That is not to take away from the Liberty Movement and it's search for candidates, which as Ron Paul says, "Do what you want". I support that, and it seems to me, most here do.

Seems we need to be supportive both ways so it's a win win.

((((((((((jrd3820)))))))) THANK YOU for the kind post.

"Seems we need to be supportive both ways so it's a win win."

ProudAmericanFirst approves of this message!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I believe

you and I are doing that. And I can name more....


What MAY change the hearts and minds of people are people like Judge Nap, Justin, Massie and others. Even if they may be short term offices [in the case of Justin and Massie] as long as they speak the truth, the truth will be out there. It is through them, just as it is because of Ron Paul, that we hold elected officials accountable to a higher standard, morally and politically. We need this in EVERY state and EVERY local office, which means everyday people wanting the same thing.

Liberty. All I want is for government to quit babysitting me and charging me for it. Grrrr.

Awesome post, jrd3820!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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Beautifully said

Thank you.

To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.


...freaking unbelievable.

Another in a massive pool of such examples.

anyone? anyone?


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No. And I'll tell you why

The idea that one man, or two, can "fix our nation" is fundamentally misguided.

I suppose it is human nature to look for saviors and super heros, but in my book, that is over. Change the culture and the leaders who reflect that culture will change - naturally. But you can't force it from on high.

I would love to see Carson in the conversation more. He seems like a sensible, unifying kind of guy, but that is based on watching one half hour speech.

Rand, on the other hand, seems very partisan and divisive. I don't think he's in the position to heal any wounds.

We know Rand will be running, and I'm not interested in that. But neither am I interested in trying to push some guy to run who I don't know anything about, and for all I know has no interest in running for president. Let him make up his own mind.

To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.

Carson is the goods

Rand is doing a very good job as of now.