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Sandy Hook: Full length saga. Hook, line & sinker. 2013

Sandy Hook, hook, link & sinker. New Jersey silver screen.



Mark Howitt takes an investigative look into the events and controversy surrounding the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting which happened on December 14th 2012 in Newtown Connecticut. This documentary explores several aspects and claims of details surrounding the event and is an attempt to shed some light and provide logical answers to the many questions that remain as to what happened in Newtown.

Using rare news and article clips, testimonies, police audio analysis and several perspectives, it is quite clear that we are not being told the truth about what really happened. Was there others involved in the crime? Why have authorities and media provided abundant amounts of misleading information, changing the official narrative on countless occasions?

At 1:16:23 -- New Jersey: The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA conducted an exercise entitled: "Needs for children in disasters" at the same day, 12/14/2012, and in the same state as the Sandy Hook events!

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Honorable Speech by Ron Paul to Congress about mischief

Time : -- Description
Opening : Focus on Sandy Hook & how other horrific acts seem staged.

2 hr : JFK, CIA, covert killing, etc.

2:14 hr:min : Ron Paul speech to Congress

2:30 hr:min : San Hook & other obviously staged & misrepresented acts.

Call to help expose this mess.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Has anyone provided a solid

Has anyone provided a solid reason why the authorities have not released the videotape of Lanza breaking down the school house front door?

Their excuse is they won't be finished with investigation until

this SUMMER!

You mean


The Catch 22 in all false flag events:

the Drill. How you do confuse public officials with good hearts? You tell them it's a drill.

Has anyone debunked the blue screen evidence yet? What's that? Adam Lanza used 4 pistols and the rifle was found, on video, in the trunk of Lanza's Mom's car?

I must be one of those conspiracy theorist and I'm ruining the Daily Paul.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

The video of the cop removing the "rifle" from the trunk

Is "proof" that it was not an AR15. Being familiar with firearms I was confused when I saw the video supposedly showing a cop removing the "rifle" from the trunk. When I saw the officer rack the action several times it was clear to me that this was no AR15. I was aware that supposedly a shotgun had been involved and the only shotgun that I could think of that would match what I saw was a Saiga shotgun. Later on when the incompetent media corrected themselves I learned that this was indeed a Saiga.

Putting on my tinfoil hat, I put "proof" in quotes above because I have no evidence that the video I saw was of events at sandy hook other than the nice commentator telling me so.

Isn't it funny...

The rifle was reported to be in the trunk earlier in the day. Remember the coroner video where the reporter asks about the rifle in the trunk (in the day time)?

But the video of them removing the shotgun out of the trunk was at night time?

ecorob's picture

I thought that was...

Chris Rodia's car!


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