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Fishy's Dome - a special slideshow


It is an odd thing, to feel "called" (for lack of a better word) to teach people. "Teach" is not even the right word, they just need to remember. Right now, many people just don't want to know... and whatever calling I may feel, I am not ready to give instruction or aid. I am still scrambling to make up for too many years "living the American dream." Still day by day, we plod along trying to flesh out our vision and manifest it the best we can. Over the years, a surgeon and a Native American elder have told me the same thing... "Teach what you need to know." In that vein, I made videos are we plodded. Until my camera died.

I am incredibly proud that my beginners AP video and the fodder feeding one have so many views. They are not that great of videos, but it indicates how much hunger there is for this kind of knowledge.

I have a pretty impressive internet brain trust I hang out with - most of the things we are putting into practice are things we picked up here at the dailypaul. I guess there is a bit of synchronicity to this. My first video with my new camera will be dedicated to someone here who thinks the videos are worthwhile enough to make it possible for us to keep doing them.

This dome is something my husband and I have talked about since we met in 1979. It is truly the manifestation of one of our earliest shared dreams. The slideshow is made with the last images my old camera managed to focus in on, the video function was already gone. It is offered in a spirit of thanks and love for the many little miracles that seem to spring from the DP.

Together, we are learning to be the change we want to see.
Some days we do better than others.


(((THANK YOU TwelveOhOne!!!)))

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Domes are great!

And attractive to me, regardless of what others may think.

Great job!

very cool

Wish my green house was as awesome.

Props to the DPer that donated the camera as well.

Great video!

My dad and I are looking into aquaponics, and I'm actually going to send him some of your videos to look at. :D

Also, great choice of music. I'm a huge classical fan, Beethoven especially.


I really love to hear about people looking into it. Even if they don't do it themselves right away, they have the knowledge, and they start talking about it... it grows.
And Beethoven is very special to me. That is not me playing, but that was the first piano piece I learned, self-taught imitating my sister. It is also the first classical guitar piece my husband learned.
OK, I am cutting myself off replies, but thanks to all for the kindness!

Thanks to

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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Thank you for sharing fishy! So happy to see plans come into fruition.

Were you a Buminster Fuller fan? He was just a little before my time, but recently watched some interviews of him on a DVD I got at the library. Good stuff. He invented the geodesic dome.

Thanks TwelveOhOne!

Mark was.

Shhhh! Don't tell him I told you, but he's the brains of this operation. I was the hippy chick who thought domes were groovy.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

That's cool fishy!

Have you started on your big dome yet?

Funny you should ask

We just got back from the hot spring, where some fellow regular soakers offered to hook us up with "seconds" 2x4s - too short for most stuff is perfect for us. We're closer to starting than I was when I posted this!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I still dream

That someday I will get over that way to soak buns! I am (as I hope most people are) working toward surviving whatever comes our way.
Be safe and well, friends.

We are wintering over

at the new hot springs in Cambridge. C'mon over, the water is SO fine!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.