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Pushback - Something very good – though very dangerous to the congealing police state ...

Something very good – though very dangerous to the congealing police state (but not to liberty-minded people) has occurred: Millions of Americans have decided they will not abide by any demand they register their firearms – much less surrender them. And are saying so – openly. More than a few local sheriffs have also publicly stated they will not enforce any such demands. For the first time in living memory, the debate is not fundamentally about which guns – or how many guns. It is about whether the government has any business even knowing whether you’ve got guns at all – much less dictating the type you’re allowed to have.

It’s a Rubicon moment – because this idea involves a great deal more than merely firearms. It is an assertion – though not fully conscious, yet – that trampling the rights of any individual because of the actions of another individual is an ethical outrage. Not just the right to keep a gun.

All rights.

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I am going to say

some things here related to the pushback but go even deeper than that. The county sheriff is the highest elected official in the state. Our county sheriffs are signing up in droves to uphold the Constitution and protect from enemies foreign and domestic. They will not confiscate guns from the citizens who elected them or fire on them. I was also told state troopers as well as military have also sworn to uphold the Constitution. Our federally elected officials also swore to uphold the Constitution, and aren't they doing a wonderful job?

To be sure, our freedoms are being trampled methodically per UN Agenda 21 and the elitists. If you still think that's a conspiracy you can either crawl back under the rock you are living under, or you can do your research...just google it. Read up on what wildlands, scenic byways, sustainable developement, agriculture, and energy really mean. Ask yourself why in the world would we need a highspeed rail( in NYS I believe it is intended from Albany to Buffalo) with all population herded along the corridor and your property confiscated. I believe our prez is attempting to bring this to their intended conclusion as soon as possible.

As Ron Paul said, once you understand what is happening you are obligated to do something about it. During a debate he was asked his opinion on the North American Union Conspiracy, and he said it is no conspiracy. We already have the NAFTA highway. He knows what is happening.

This goes far beyond guns, but without guns we have no defense. Even with our guns we have to fight now or we will lose everything that makes us free: property, our cars, a good education, even our children-life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. I believe it is happening now and includes the destruction of our economy as well as our sovereignty and Constitution. We need to act; educate everyone you meet.

We all need to attend our town/village meetings(grassroots) to find out if they have signed on to ICLEI(International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives-this is sustainability). If not explain why they should not and if they have, explain why they should get out of it. Talk to your county, state and congressional representives-bombard them. If you are a good communicator, speak to groups. I know it is hard for hardworking people with children to raise to have researched like I and many of you have done to find the truth. GO GET 'EM!! We need bigtime pushback...NOW.

If this is worthy of it's own thread, maybe Michael will set it up.

Please explain the

Mark Hanson

Please explain the similarities and differences between your and their ACTIONS, i'm kinda slow. Talking, while being an action of the muscles on the scull and sometimes comprehension of the situation differs from the action of the body that achieves results. Personally i talk to people all the time, ask them questions, encourage them to learn, however in my observation, the only time they are willing to do it is when it involves their personal gain, most of the change occurs is when remaining the same hurts more than the change. People are creatures of habit and comfort, they don't change unless they are forced too, either by circumstances or by physical force. Lowest hanging fruit is the one that is picked first. When and if the Ponzi scheme collapses, then you'll see the change in people. All this politicians that try to regulate our lives without our consent must be faced, you need to make it personal to them, you need to explain the consequences of their actions that will be brought against them. It is as simple as telling them to their face that come next election they will be out of a job, and then follow through on that threat by unseating them. Be the change.

The explanation

For those just tuning in, earlier I responded to a comment by Texas Bear which said people don't give a f**k because they live in a bubble. If you scroll down a bit you'll see it.

Texas Bear, when you ask me to explain the similarities and differences between my and "their ACTIONS", I'm assuming you're referring to people who don't care about what's happening in our country and world. First of all, I understand your frustration with fellow citizens who don't seem to realize, let alone care about, what's going on. The obvious difference between myself and the bubble people is, I do care and this translates into action. Actions like educating myself and blogging about what I've learned, as well as contacting elected officials about the criminal conspiracy they may, or may not realize they're a part of.

I'm similar to the bubble people in that I too am a creature of comfort and habit, and sometimes would rather tend the proverbial garden instead of plowing through political garbage. But for some reason, I've always been interested in geopolitics and have taken the time to understand the world I live in. I can remember the moment I realized there's no place on earth where one can escape the long arm of tyranny. (Google earth, drone tecnology etc., has essentially eliminated the concept of privacy) At that point I felt it was my duty as a citizen to speak truth to power, irregardless of the consequences or outcome. Like I said in my previous comment, the price of freedom is total committment with no guarantee of success.

In defense of the bubble people, tyrannical leaders know we're all creatures of comfort and habit and use that against us. Science is used to study human behavior and sophisticated knowledge is used to program the sheeple. For example, I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "you can't fight city hall". Many people consciously or unconsciously believe this and the result is a passive, fatalistic bubble dweller. Planting linguistic seeds of apathy in the minds of people is half the battle for despotic leaders, and they've spent billions if not trillions doing so. But, I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, so I try to be patient with sleepwalkers. Check out these two posts on solutions, they focus on education of citizens and prosecution of tyrants.


My website: http://www.standupforyourrights.me

http://www.dailypaul.com/277342 (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference)
http://www.StandUpForYourRights.me/?p=1264 (Fast and Furious hearing)

Their actions, as in the

Their actions, as in the founding fathers.

Thank you all that commented.

I didn't know if the title would scroll off the page before anyone actually read it.

He did a great job in my opine of describing Liberty and people waking up to it.

Thank you all for keeping it alive. The MSM is in demise, and as more people wake up will collapse.

In Liberty,

people don't give a fuck,

people don't give a fuck, they have their own bubble that they live in and they don't step out of it until it gets too small for them to be comfortable.

So we should just give up on liberty, right?

Wrong! This kind of fatalistic garbage is just what our fascist gov't wants to hear, i.e., give up without a fight. And I suspect Texas Bear knows this attitude only benefits tyrants. Our founders ended the Declaration of Independence with these words: "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor." They understood the price of freedom, which is total committment with no guarantee of success.

Never give up the fight for individual liberties, even if there seems to be no chance of winning in our lifetime. Future generations may be inspired by our work and carry on the fight. In sports, we teach players to compete even if the game appears to be lost, and our unalienable rights are far more important than a game.


http://www.dailypaul.com/277342 (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference)
http://www.StandUpForYourRights.me/?p=1264 (Fast and Furious hearing)

It's changing.

I've been watching this for 3 decades. Involved as an American that knew what growing up without globalism being a part of my family life.

"people don't give a fuck, they have their own bubble that they live in and they don't step out of it until it gets too small for them to be comfortable."

I absolutely agree. But it's time to stand strong, because that bubbly is about to burst. You can't stop it anymore, you just have to endure with Liberty in your heart.

I live in Texas as well, and know a lot about the corruption.

Buddy, we have it good here,

Buddy, we have it good here, try going to the west or east coast, you'll be shocked. They do live in socialist/gestapo states, and they don't know it, because they are used to it.

I would have to disagree.

One finds it hard to be " used " to a socialist state like NC and at the same time support Ron Paul.

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Texas Bear

The Government of Texas is as corrupt as they get. The only reason 'you have it good in Texas' is because there are enough Texan's that haven't allowed us to become like the East and West Coast.

Texas has been losing ground for decades, I'm just happy to see more standing up and being vocal now.

Don't go away, and don't quit recognizing how crappy the rulers have become.

Peace and Liberty,


This article is put together well.

Isn't it what Dr. Paul and all of us are trying to do? Wake up people so that when the time comes, there are enough of us to fight back.

in case you haven't noticed

in case you haven't noticed all the bills and new york state, that time is upon us. they don't care, they have their plans, ideas and the majority of dumb sheep to push it through. Wake the fuck up, your scheduled protests wont do shit, that ex cop did more in a week that the whole dp and Dr Ron Paul done in 3 decades. Consequence for ones actions is the only thing people understand, until you make it personal, they won't give a fuck, sheep hide in crowds. Keep on voting, it got us here so far.

I disagree that the cop did more ...

He was 'perhaps' standing on shoulders that formed public opinion from 50+ years ago.

20 years ago you wouldn't have even heard about it, little on been able to discuss it.

Only when people get it into their head that freedom for themselves and transferring it to their offspring is their most important and lovable job in life will America change.

Be patient and spread things like this.

The cop is dead, and out of the mainstream. And they can't kill us all. ;)

wake up and see the world

wake up and see the world that is around you, take a pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes. This country HAD freedom, now its no better than the good 'ol USSR. Your papers please! drive around the states and see for yourself.


They will SLOWLY legislate our gun rights away a little at a time. Insidiously and quietly if they can't get anywhere up front. We MUST NOT bend AT ALL. ANY laws against guns is an attack!


How soon so many forget the Cold War

... which was all about "deterrent"

This is deterrent:

There is no common defense against tyranny stronger than a governments uncertainty about who has the arms, how many there are, or anything else about them.

Very well said

Governments use knowledge to control. Long live uncertainty!

The establishment has gotten very bold in recent years

I think they really decided to push to see just how much they could get away with. Maybe they've finally found their limit.

i'm sure that they are scared

i'm sure that they are scared (sarcasm off). Until you make it personal to the lawmakers that are either writing, sponsoring, or voting for these bills, nothing will change, they will try to take away our last defense until they succeed. But keep voting, it got us great results so far.

yep, keep down voting, it

yep, keep down voting, it wont change the reality. Just a thought.

Great article!

thanks for posting



What would the Founders do?