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Fred on Everything: "Gun Control and the Changing American Character"

If you don't have FredonEverything.net bookmarked, you should. Dude is awesome, and a helluva writer. His latest piece makes you nostalgic for the era of freedom he describes, even (especially?) if you're not old enough to have actually experienced it:

Your Papers, Citizen

Gun Control and the Changing American Character

February 19, 2013

A staple of American self-esteem is that we Yanks are brave, free, independent, self-reliant, ruggedly individual, and disinclined to accept abuse from anyone. This was largely true in, say, 1930. People lived, a great many of them, on farms where they planted their own crops, built their own barns, repaired their own trucks, and protected their own property. They were literate but not educated, knew little of the world beyond the local, but in their homes and fields they were supreme.

If they wanted to swim buck nekkid in the creek, they swam buck nekkid. If whistle pigs were eating the corn, the family teenager would get his rifle and solve the problem. Government left them alone.

Even in the early Sixties, in rural King George County, Virginia, where I grew up, it was still mostly true. The country people built their own boats to crab in the Potomac, converted junked car engines to marine, made their own crab pots, planted corn and such, and hunted deer. There was very little contact with the government. One state trooper was the law, and he had precious little to do.

Read the whole thing here: http://fredoneverything.net/Guns.shtml

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Love Fred

simple but elegant

yeah he's not one to play it

yeah he's not one to play it politically correct, either. old school.