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1967... before I was born

Just felt like posting.

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Posting What?

Nothing here. Oh, okay, found the link in the comments below. That song was big during the freaking Vietnam war. You might want to go back and put the link in your post.


I though

I did, Corrected ,

Great song, though "Light My Fire"...

was a bigger hit.




That was quick. Care to explain?

My baby sister was born in 1967

It was March and my patrol just earned a blue ribbon in a Boy Scout First-O-Rama. It was a cold Michigan March Day, snow was piled everywhere and the wind bit.

If you want more than free association give me something to disagree with. ;-)

Free includes debt-free!

I guess

The link didn't go through

Ahh. The link makes all the difference.

Jim Morrison's dad was an Admiral.
I forget the details.

Free includes debt-free!


he was. I appears to just have distance him from authority figures. We can relate to that

I'm impressed

thats more than most know