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A story of William Washington, George's cousin.

William Washington was born in Stafford County, Virginia on February 28, 1752. He was a distant cousin of George Washington. Washington had been trained for the ministry at the time of the outbreak of the Revolution but was commissioned as a Captain of the Third Virginia Continentals on February 25, 1776.

Revolutionary historian Mark Boatner described Washington as six feet tall, strong and obese. He was kind to his soldiers to the extent that his discipline was sometimes lax. Washington preferred the heat of the action and not the tedious calculation of strategy. He was bold, collected, and persistent.

Washington served with the Third Virginia Regiment throughout the New Jersey and New York Campaigns. He was wounded at the battle of Long Island, August 27, 1776 and at the battle of Trenton, December 26, 1776. After Trenton, Washington was transferred to Colonel George Baylor's Cavalry Corps and soon received other promotions. A promotion to Major in 1777 gave him command of the Fourth Continental Dragoons. On November 20, 1778 Washington became lieutenant colonel of the Third Dragoons.

As the focus of the war changed to the Southern colonies, Washington also came south. He aided General Isaac Huger's corps at Charleston. On March 23, 1780, Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton beat Washington's force in a skirmish at Bee's Plantation. Three days later, Tarleton again defeated him in another skirmish at Governor Rutledge's Plantation. On April 14, 1780, Huger and Washington's forces were routed and many captured at Monck's Corner near Charleston. After this defeat, Washington withdrew into eastern North Carolina to recover and recruit.

In late 1780 Washington's activities picked up again. In December Washington and his dragoons were attached to General Daniel Morgan's force which had been sent into South Carolina. On December 4, Washington and his men captured 112 Loyalists at Rugeley's Mill. On December 28, 1780, Morgan used Washington's dragoons and mounted militia to subdue 250 Georgia Loyalists at Hammond's Store near Fort Ninety-Six. This was the start of the operations that led to Morgan's victory at Cowpens.

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George Washington had a cousin?

I did not know that. He sounded like a bad a$$. Thanks for posting

You are welcome

And yes, he did appear to be a bad a$$. :)


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Thanks again for the bump



Nice little piece of history

Nice little piece of history there thanks

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I actually

I actually found out about William Washington from reading about the making of "the Patriot" with Mel Gibson.