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What if students design their own school? VIDEO

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for posting.

This coincides with how I organize my Lesson plans at school: having a Theme Question for a topic by which we inform our history and technique, and our critical debates.

Otherwise I do agree with the argument that there is a value to demonstrable leadership and qualified expertise regarding an academic subject


i love this idea...

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I'd like to see...

All the neighborhood clubhouses turn into neighborhood schools run by the smaller neighborhood communities where they did something like this:

This could be funded by a homeowner's association fees. Parents could join any neighborhood association.

Keep it as local as possible.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!

IF the students

understand the value of learning...that school is not about hanging with friends and socializing.

It's about learning to think independantly and critically. To actually enjoy discovering all there is to discover.

It should be exciting and rewarding and cause one to become articulate and confident in their own abilities to use their brains!

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I never enjoyed school

I never enjoyed school because of the drudgery of lectures that were dumbed down for those who refused to read and classes slowed by troublemakers and students who could not pay attention.

Most of my studies were concentrated on subjects that interested me on my own time at public libraries.

One of the largest problems for students is they don't know "how to learn". They accept things at face value without question. They do not know how to think. They cannot make logical connections because they have no real-world experiences. Obviously, this doesn't apply to all students. There are many outstanding younger people and they should not have their performance hindered by slower or more difficult students.

Home schooling would be the best option, but with family earnings being what they are it's understandable why so few are available to personally teach their kids.

Availability of e-books and online educational materials from well-known universities today might make individually paced self-education a more realistic option than ever before.

Here's one excellent educational resource:

Love it. And it seems like

Love it.

And it seems like the sort of program that could feed into typical public schools without a lot of guff.

That's awesome!

That's awesome!

Here's my idea of a school...

Experts go to some public place to sit in their offices... they would be paid "by the job" in some way, shape or form. Was just thinking about this yesterday.

Your kids simply have to stay on school property till school is out and you can pick them up. The entire time they can play outside... or roam around the school and explore the many triggers that would be put out to get them asking questions...

Then they just need to seek the right "expert" to ask. That expert would them give them a bit of background and then point them to a book or an internet website...

I would probably dub it "free-range education."

You could even have the children setting up their own governments... trying them out... learning of course about our founding documents and their unalienable rights...

I think it would be a good transition to having no public schools at all as I truly believe mass public indoctrination/education has become obsolete thanks to the internet.


And also, a link for non-mobile computers:

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.