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TransAfrica Highway to Hell

Back when I worked with NatGeo I went to this awesome symposium of "Resident Explorers" people who are the best of the best in their respective obscure fields. Such fields as studying influence of vertical migrating jellyfish on the current shifts in the ocean, or the TransAfrican highway.

Out of curiosity, how many of you know about this highway? Perhaps it's well known.

Primarily, Dr. Paula (last name escapes me - K something) - well primarily in the lecture she's concerned about how it separates the migratory channel for Africa's great mega-fauna. Understandably so, as it would also segregate Kenya further specifically the urban development going on in Naorobi.

Anybody know which natural resources come from the ground in Eastern coastal Africa? How about the status of Djibouti--their primary port on the East?

Interesting, with all this talk of gold (which the UN Security Council has been pillaging for years...hello France in Mali, why yes they will take your gold, k thanks) but with all of this talk of basically gold and Uranium, those ores are quantified by abstract value and incidentally, "enrichment."

Who's watching China? China is "spearheading" this "highway" from East to West Africa. Have you seen anything about its progress? Can we see it from space? They touted it would give jobs to impoverished Africans.

Well, I'll answer a lot of these questions for you: Copper.

If anybody on this site honestly believes that the wars in Africa are because lawless crusaders for Islam are just everywhere all the time, then I encourage you to open a book, read about 8th, 10th century Africa and ask yourself why Africa was ever euro-colonized to begin with. It was always run by Muslim kings, most of whom were innovative and spirited leaders for their people. Until the Saudis enacted an Arab-rule Islam, the traditional Muslim culture was spreading from North to South. Right about where Mali and Ghana come together in the old kingdoms, the practice of Islam changed into two sects, those that abide by Arab rule and the Berbers, the resistance Muslim culture. The UN Security Council and the Saudis have been using Arab-rule Islam in Northern and Eastern Africa for centuries, to extract ores from the earth under the pretense their presence is needed for some "protective" reason.

Now that the DRC has been targeted as a "gold mine" , you've seen many cases of killing people around the rainforest within a certain radius....supposedly because the lawless Che-types only come to town when they need something.... The DRC isn't known predominantly for gold but rather Copper and rare forms of uranium.

Hyping gold and silver is the least metallurgists can do to help an absent-minded public largesse because some of us eventually "wake up" and they know that it ultimately helps them to keep people informed.

I've long wondered if Ron Paul was speaking to us in a way he knew that eventually a large group of us would undertstand without risking his life and his family by blurting out the truth.

1) what do we have here that someone would want to invade us to mine?
2) [thinking to himself] what will get the people interested in minerals from the earth? Tangible resources over which people are very realistically and brutally being killed?

This isn't solely about libertarianism, non-interventionism and being a Paulian. It's about thinking and guiding people toward these answers regardless of a "label system" -- shed everything you know and start reading about Africa.

Our government tries to distract us, not control us--but in so doing the distracting, they also control. They don't want CISPA because they're afraid of what we talk about, they're afraid of what we'll learn, find and share.

None of the "thinkers" are violent people. We're pacifists with big brains who are bold and well-read. We lead people to make systematic changes. That's what scares them most. They can't control whisper-campaigns against them unless they can see everything we're doing.

Anytime you hear something outrageous in the news, on the radio on the internet, think to yourself--what is going on today that we're not supposed to see? Chances are, it's in Africa. Hope this helps.

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Wow. Masterful.

Thanks for this and looking forward to seeing much more.

Maybe we need to start asking ourselves where our metals come from. And how they were extracted.

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Wonderful insight.

Thank you.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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all of this trouble for PMs,

all of this trouble for PMs, yet the price is falling


I highly recommend the movie, "Bamako", it's a International court taking place in Mali, and the witnesses give outstanding speaches why we don't want a global international court.

Right on

I'll check it out, sounds interesting. :)


That was simply beautiful.
There is a hideous "medical mission" angle to this Hiway to Hell, too, but you have NAILED the heart of the issue.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

Good Post. TV watchers in

Good Post. TV watchers in this sad country will never hear about this type of news.

Southern Agrarian