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Is Public School Obsolete?

If I need to expand on why I believe the answer to this question is yes... I will, however it seems pretty obvious to me.

Most of us here know that the internet is better than television because your education on the internet is INTERACTIVE - you choose the subjects, you ask the questions and you learn how to find out what the answers are.

With a TV you're just basically sitting on the couch being programmed 24-7. When you consider the potential of subliminal technology on top of that... it just makes sense to throw your TV out the window (just don't hurt anyone with it).

So with schools/education, is it time to bring up the elephant in the room? The internet, IMO, makes public schooling obsolete. All that is really required for children in this modern age is a social setting where they begin to ask questions... and a parent at home who cares for them and can point out where to go for the answers.

I would hope most here would overwhelmingly agree that the debate over teachers salaries/unions & the Federal Department of Education is simply the wrong debate. We need to decide if education even requires the hand of the federal, state or even local "governments" involved anymore to be just as effective.

I'm sure most here also agree that education in this country is IN-effective in it's current state - so the above statement is not saying much!

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They are working on it...

There are 6.2 million teachers in the US - soon their JOBS will be obsolete - and teachers, like soldiers, will be replaced by technology that does the will of the masters. The government will use the internet technology as cheap teachers - particularly in middle and high grades. By the time it all falls into place, education will be easily controlled from the top. If you think education is poor now - just wait.

What about some kind of

Declaration of Educational Independence?

When the government does what it always does - commits the heinous crimes and wicked acts that it does... if it controls education... are these kinds of WICKED DEEDS going to be included in the text books?

Education is about teaching people how to find out what the truth is... fundamentally right? Therefore is the "government" even QUALIFIED to educate our children? Are you kidding me?

Government educating/lying to/indoctrinating people = Tyranny
people educating themselves = Liberty