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CHEMTRAILS in Ft Lauderdale captured with Super ZOOM camera!

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Don't see it

I just cant put faith in chemtrails. To me it's a bunch of nonsense.

With respect to fellow members, I'm open to someone pointing me towards some evidence. I believe a lot of things I didn't used thanks to DP.

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If you think SoFla is bad...just get out west.

Out west is REALLY bad.

Good Vid

Just moved from there, not too far. They are constantly spraying in South Florida.

Best Chemtrail vid I've ever seen Good Job!

chemtrails are outed

the fact that chemtrailing continues, shows the complete indoctrination and passivity of peoples around the world. It is like affirmative action for the atmosphere. They are secretly spraying us with all kinds of crazy shit. I just have to ignore it on a daily basis or I'd go crazy thinking of my daughter being exposed to God knows what. More reputible people are getting on board every day. Bring small cards with you about actual facts about chemtrails and pass them out whenever you are in line at the dmv or the bank or TSA.
Don't, however make stupid fear monger "LISTEN TO ME" vids like this bozo who doesn't even understand the most basic concepts of how our moon orbits the earth. There is good info everywhere but alienating people is the way we will lose this war for reality.

There are many companies (evergreen) and others that are open about it. It has been outed for years. It is called SAG. Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering. Stop treating information like it is something illegal especially when it isn't. How insecure!


They are called condensation trails you morons.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Try to be objective

Notice that both condensation trails and chemtrails are being captured on this film. It's great, because you can compare the two. The condensation trails dissipate rather quickly, whereas the chemtrails don't. You can also see natural cloud formations and messy cloud-like chemtrail pollution behind them -- another opportunity to compare.

As a small child in the 60s I remember watching condensation trails and they always dissipated quickly. As a teen in the late 70s I noticed for the first time contrails that didn't dissipate and took note of it because it was unusual. At the same time, cloud formations began to change as well...that messy looking cloud-like stuff was never there when I was a kid, the sky was always a deep blue. When the non-dissipating contrails (chemtrails) became common in the early 2000s, that messy stuff has been almost a daily occurence and deep blue skies have become a rare sight.

This is my favorite documentary on this issue. Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoKkebpzu7Q

here are 2 more recent Film

here are 2 more recent Film exposing S.A.G.

What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)

Why in the World are They Spraying? (Documentary HD)

Watch with an Open mind :)

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Geo-engineering is real and active

Geo-engineering is real and active. Here is a report from a few years ago. It is just one of many.


This clip better shows the differences


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slow down

and look at them. I used to have the same reaction to this claim until I researched it. I have been watching the skies for 40+ years as a weather observer (paid to watch weather), and I can tell you that condensation trails do not act like that, they dissipate. Instead of blasting off and looking like an idiot yourself, look into it first, with the blinders off.


Are you serious? Contrails can last for only seconds, or hours depending on altitude, humidity and temperature.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Watch This Then Comment


response from the pridefully under-educated. I am a fool? Why doe the trails expand into a hazy type of cloud? Do contrails do that? No.

both exist

Both contrails and chemtrails exist. Contrails obviously exist; as for chemtrails, there are leaked/declassified reports of the use of released metal ions in the stratosphere for the purpose of reflecting sunlight back and preventing global warming.

In this video, the trails dissipate rapidly which makes them obviously contrails, but that is not to discredit the very real existence of chemtrails or their completely unknown consequences at the hands of "well-intentioned" people for the "protection" of all of us.

Even I have better pictures

Even I have better pictures with my camera of the concentration of chemtrails that we are constantly being bombarded with.

This might be

the dumbest post I've seen on the dp.

I have seen some pretty

I have seen some pretty convincing chem trail videos before.

This is not one of them.

They spray us in the FL panhandle regularly

Until I watched a clip simlar to this about 6 months ago I never looked up in the sky with the specific intention of looking for chemtrails. My wife was in the hospital a few months ago and I slept with her overnight at the hospital...I left around 5:30 the following morning and when I walked out and looked up...there were trails all over the place. It looked like a checker board. I now look up everyday and at least once a week I see they have been spraying us again.

The offical story is weather modification or cloud seeding but I'm to the point that I believe nothing our overlords tell us. I actually think believing and doing exactly the opposite of what the government says gives you a higher statistacial probablity of knowing and doing what is correct.